Friday, March 8, 2013

Anthony Rendon doing his Anthony RendOWNED thing.

HI, Mr. Chad Durbin. TONE DŌN just went about 380' on you the opposite way. You, sir, have been rendOWNED

Footnote time!  My nickname for Rendon was originally 'Ton 'Ron, but it was then remastered to its current form (TONE N) by Andrew. If no one else gets the reference, we know we're at that point in our life where we should probably just hurl our bodies off bridges, as time has, clearly, passed us by.


Andrew said...

I most certainly get this reference. Didn't you come up with a Roger Bernadina play on Funky Cold Medina? We're sitting on a gold mine here, one that ends with a certain rapper joining the team in a semi-official capacity down the stretch and into the playoffs.

Section 138 said...

Yeah, Rog-er Ber-na-dina, sung to Fun-ky Cold me-dina was something i tried. Didn't catch on, really. (Shocker!)
I also threw this - http://i.imgur.com/UCV7WCi.jpg up on Twitter in May 2011 and had this reply "my dad is loving that! He had to explain the reference to me."
Sooo old.