Thursday, July 10, 2008

MAN DOWN! Again? Seriously?

Not like it'll kill the Nats too badly, but Aaron Boone was just placed on the 15 day DL. Pete Orr will be brought back up to take his place.
Boone strained his calf while running from the dugout to first base to pinch run for Dmitri Young. For reals. I can't make that shit up. This brings to 15 the total number of players on the opening day roster to have gone on the DL. My. God. Someone get the other 10 out of town before they die.
One more time from Calisthenics cat!


Puttzy said...

Pete Orr? What a great effing name!!

It reminds me of this:
What I did last night

Phishisgr8 said...

Never mind that, how about Texas signing Carrot Top?!?