Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Drew (Storen). Happy Birthday to Drew (Storen)...

...You look like a monkey, and smell like one too! Yay for 3rd grade Happy Birthday songs!

SOCKS! is all growed up now as he turns 22 today. What could be the greatest birthday present of all?

Close... but how about a promotion to the AA Harrisburg Senators? The story was broken by Drew's mom on Twitter last night, and I have a feeling I know what her present to Drew will be.

(Just kidding, Drew's mom!! You gave him life (which is pretty cool) and passed down the SOCKS of DOOM in your genes.)

And what is my birthday present to Drew? Well, considering he gets to play with the Left Coast Lefty (CHICO MAN!), I think that should be enough. However, since I'm in a giving mood, I will offer to have a "conversation" with Carlos Martinez about being kind enough to allow Drew to wear #26 in Harrisburg. Just let me know, Drew. My "vocabulary" is very large and persuasive, and has been known to break some kneecaps or six.

So let's join Zimm in wishing El Drew K a very happy 22nd, and congrats on the promotion to Harrisburg. (Wait... I just realised... he's getting sent to Pennsylvania. Shit. Hang in there, Drew!!! We're all pulling for you. Don't let that state drag you down, man.)


The Doctor said...

Great tag, or the greatest tag??

"i hope his 22nd birthday doesnt end like mine - crying and in jail"

Dave Nichols said...

hey, i just came across your blog (late to the party, i know). i couldn't find an email address on your page so i wanted to contact you this way. please email me (natsnewsnetwork@gmail.com) if you'd be interested in joining a coalition of other Nats bloggers to vote on post-season awards and other good Nats-related stuff.

keep up the good work!