Friday, July 17, 2009

The man is trying to keep Nyjer Morgan down.

EDIT: Anyone coming for the Hitler Nyjer/Lastings trade video found on YouTube, it's at the bottom of the post. Read the early shit though too, dammit!

The man in this instance is the monstrosity called ESPN. Did you watch last night's game? Yeah... it had large quantities of shit in it, but remember Nyjer leading off the bottom of the 6th with that bunt base hit? That was all kinds of awesomeness. Only... if you listen to ESPN, they said it shouldn't of counted.

Well, ESPN, allow me to retort. (Use your Kenny Powers voice here.) YOU'RE FUCKING WRONG, AND I'M FUCKING RIGHT!

Rule 6.06 (a) of the Official MLB Rulebook (.pdf link) states:
6.06 A batter is out for illegal action when -
(a) He hits a ball with one or both feet on the ground entirely outside the batters box.
I know reading comprehension is underrated these days, but c'mon. You don't understand the word 'entirely'? It means to the full or entire extent. It doesn't mean some, or half, or a little bit. It mean the whole God damn foot.

Good thing MLB pays umpires to apply the rules during a game, cause if ESPN had their way, they'd take a run off the board, and the Nats need every fucking run they can get. And then some.

UPDATE: An anonymous commenter (I love each and every one of you bastards!) pointed out that one of the YouTube links after my video above ends is called "Hitler sounds off on Lastings/Nyjer trade." (Paraphrased, any way.) I watched it, and it is a must see. It is my pleasure to show you this masterpiece of epic proportions. Turn the sound down, or throw on some damn headphones, and prepare for your face to be blown. (That didn't come out right, did it?)


Puttzy said...

Oh the illusion of drama that they try to create makes Nats highlights seem exciting though, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

If you watch the embedded YouTube vidoe to the end, one of the next suggested videos is one called "Hitler goes off on the Morgan-Milledge trade" or some such...pretty fucking funny.

Section 138 said...

Holy moley mother of Moses. Have you watched the video?
This is to great to keep to myself... I must share this with the world. It is being added to this post.
Anon- you rock.