Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nationals fans sport colors away from home.

While at the shows this past weekend, I saw two different folks sporting the Nats logo. Which is very weird...for two reasons.
  1. Who wears sports related shirts to a Phish show? Seriously. It's just....weird. A hat? Sure (lot's of Phillies stuff this weekend, for some reason), but a shirt or jersey?
  2. Who wears Nats stuff away from DC? The media has so hammered home the point that there aren't even any fans in the DC metro area, that I was positive I would be the only human being wearing Nats related garb within a 120 mile radius.
Now, I present to you...that Nats gallery from this past weekend at Hampton Coliseum.

This gentleman decided to accessorize with a red lei around his neck, and a Red Hook is his throat. I was too embarrassed to ask him what his hat was, since I felt creepy enough taking a picture of a dude in the bathroom.

This gentleman explained to me that he breaks out his Sunday red Zimm jersey every Sunday, no matter what he's doing. He was dead serious, too. "If I so much as get a haircut, I got my shit on" he said. I asked him if he sports the tall red socks ala Zimmy as well. His response? "Na, I can't pull that shit off like Ryan. That and tall socks itch my legs." I hear ya bro. I hear ya.

This will certainley maybe hopefully be the last Phish related item I post. I promise. (Shit...forgot to let you all know you can download the MP3s for free at livephish.com for a limited time.)

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