Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shawn Hill is who I thought he was.

Shawn Hill is going to see that super famous surgeon, Dr. James Andrews. I know, buddy..I know. You're super fucking pissed about this...but take a step back. Remember...it's Shawn "Barbaro" Hill we're talking about. (How many times have I used Barbaro as an adjective for the Nats, btw? 10? 50? 100?)
My guess? He'll rest for half the season, try and throw again, only to be put back on the 60 day DL. Then Pattersoned. Last year's comments are ringing true, it seems.
WHAT? Shawn Hill will miss a start? He's the fucking Cal Ripken of pitchers, though, right?
Okay, I'm leaving to go down to Hampton, VA for a long weekend. Why? Mind your business! (Just kidding. The boys are getting the band back together. What band? My email address (see that 'email me' link on the top right?) will give it away.) So...I prolly won't update till I get back. Enjoy all the games without me, folks.

I'll leave you with one thought to rummage around your brain: Who was that guy in the 41 jersey these past few years? Shawn Hill? OR... Steve-o? It's all making sense now!

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The Doctor said...

Guns N' Roses are back!