Monday, May 12, 2008

Dear Doctor,


Thanks for introducing me to these golden Gods that are the Nats. These guys rock my socks. Lastings, and Jesus, and Zimmerman, oh my!
10-3 in the 7th? Meh, fuck me if I do something else besides stayed glue to the t.v.
Hey, Mets... you looking forward to this 3 game sweep?

EDIT: Jesus Christ, guys. I guess I'm watching the rest of this game. Turn it off for two seconds...

2nd Edit: I'm 99% positive Rob Makowiakiak is bat shit certifiably insane.


The Doctor said...


Phishisgr8 said...

Matty Chico >>>>> Chico Harlan

Puttzy said...

Chico Lind >>> Matty Chico

Phishisgr8 said...

....and we've come around full circle.(Harlan got the nickname because he played a pretty good 2nd base but couldn't hit. Chico Lind was manning 2nd for the rats st that time)
Job well done, fellas.