Thursday, June 5, 2008

God was sad and some draft stuff

We did not get to attend last nights game, as God was very angry and gave us a thrashing. He then became sad and the heavens opened up with rain. The storms that came through took out power in over 200,000 homes. We didn't get ours back at home until 10:30 last night. It was restored here at work about 30 minutes ago.
Fear not, loyal readers, as God did not smite me last night. One lightning bolt was damn close to killing me, but I zigged when God thought I would zag. I guess God isn't infallible after all. Loser.
So, today turns into a day/night double header. Yay, Nats! Zippie chance we can skip out of work at 11:30 to make it downtown in time for the game, so that kinda sucks. It also means I'll be screaming at my computer again, since I'll be at the mercy of MLB Gameday.

And, just to throw a certain someone a bone, here are some real names to keep an eye on in today's (tomorrow's?) draft for the Nats first pick:
  • Eric Hosmer 1B High School kid from Florida
  • Kyle Skipworth CA High School kid from California
  • Justin Smoak 1B University of South Carolina
And my two personal favorites (oh please, oh please, oh please....)
  • SHOOTER Hunt RHP Tulane University
  • Gordon Beckham SS University of Georgia
You CANNOT go wrong with a pitcher named "Shooter", and we're in bad shape up the middle of the infield. If Beckham falls to number 9, he'll easily be the best player on the board, and he fills a need. Maybe he could progress quickly (he is a college kid) and could be in the show soon? I'm probably dreaming, however, as most mock drafts have him going somewhere between the number 3 pick and the number 8 pick. Enjoy both games. I know I will. Maybe. Hopefully. Ugh, we'll see.

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