Monday, June 2, 2008

Put another arm on the DL

'Tis true, emo kittie. Surly kittie has an idea for you...

What does it mean? Well, Zim's going on the DL, retroactive to May 26th. As should be the case for a franchise player, he's getting more opinions. Three, to be exact, and that list includes Dr. James Andrews.
Adding insult to injury, Slick was examined and is having the hard cast put back on for two more weeks. Not another peep will be uttered about Slick till at least June 16th.
Excuse me while I punch myself in the face until I'm unconscious.


The Doctor said...

Good to see it only took him over a week to get an MRI. Doctor musta been busy.


Puttzy said...

Can one really punch themselves unconscious?

And all of the Lolcat stuff is starting to freak me out

Phishisgr8 said...

What's an 'Lolcat'?

Yes, I was successful in doing such a thing last night. It's super hard though, because the pain was so horrible at times, that I doubled over at the waist, thus having my fist thrust at the air above my head.
The teeth marks in my knuckles haven't gone away, either.
Picture a younger, sexier, Ryan Malone.

Puttzy said...

Why ya gotta hate on Ryan Malone. The man is a beast!!! (Not to be confused or compared with the beloved meast)Slap shot to the nose and he returns. Great googily moogily - than is a man among boys. Literally


Phishisgr8 said...

No hate for Malone, I just happen to look better than him.

I'm 99.6% positive Malone has punched himself unconscious before.

Oh, dudes inked like a MOFO, too!