Thursday, June 5, 2008

Offense? Who needs offense?

Well, the Nationals took Mr. Aaron Crow, RHP from the University of Missouri with the #9 pick in today's draft. (Click here for some info about him, plus a bitching picture with him sticking his tongue out while heaving a slider to some dude.) They passed on the switch hitting 1st baseman with lots of power from South Carolina, Justin Smoak. Why? Because we got a shit load off offense already! Just look at this line from today's day game:
7 hits. All singles. That's right, 0 extra base hits. We had 4 BBs though, so that's 11 guys that got on base. A couple stolen bases here and there and we.... what? We had 0 SB? Make that -1, cause Milledge was picked off? Great! Must of been a sloooow infield today. What? The Cardinals had 4? And Brian Barton had 2 by himself? This guy?

Ugh. Well, let's hope tonight's game isn't as big a turd. Although at this point......
Wake me when we put up 2 runs in a game, will ya? Until then, I'll be sleeping in the garage with the car running.

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Puttzy said...

The small pee-pee is made up for with the bionic elbow!!