Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is this it? and an injury status update.

OK. There's two approaches I can take to this day. One: This is the bottom of the barrel. The worst it will get, and nowhere but up to go. Two: If you would like to retain your sanity and want of life, bail now, cause it's gonna go nuclear really soon. I mean, like the worst possible scenario realized.

Fuck it, I'm taking number one. Why? A) Broken people are coming back. We're already getting Belliard back for this Pirates series (Note to Flop: have a fucking seat, you sulking head case) and Zim is starting therapy with the hope of being back in a week. Kearns is still 2-3 weeks away, but when he gets back, we can move Dukes to left field and bench Pena. Cordero is heading down to Florida for rehab today. Slick Johnson, however, is still in the cast, and won't be reevaluated till June 16th. Ryan Wagner threw a second simulated game, and no pain to speak of. He could begin rehab real soon. I couldn't give two shits about LoDu and Estrada, so no update on them for you.

B) The starts from Mock and Clippard. Yeah, neither one could finish out the 5th inning, but MLB hitters were getting their 3rd look at them, and figured them out. Plus, Mock couldn't find the strike zone. Regardless, both kids pitched well. I was really impressed with Clippard. He has 3-4 pitches, and if he can start locating his fastball (Jesus Christ, every other fastball was a foot high. I was SCREAMING at him), then he can throw that real nice curve and very good change up he possesses. Mock? I don't really remember all that well (My memory = horrible) but he left the game with the Nats tied.

C) Dukes and Milledge might just turn out to be actual ball players! Milledge is fielding better (not like it could of gotten any worse) and starting to swing the bat well. Dukes is just a man beast with a cannon arm and a viciously hard hitter. I could become a fan of his real easy.

And, finally, D) For the love of God..you're professional ball players, dammit. Act like it.


The Doctor said...

Dukes is still only hitting Chico Man's weight + a twenty pound weight in each of his front pockets, but I'm glad you're coming around.

Is Chico Man dead?

Phishisgr8 said...

Chico Man is not dead, just doesn't have a computer. He did, however, just get a library card. Nothing like using library computers to access your porn...err your favorite Nats blog!

Puttzy said...

Looking at Dookies numbers he is coming around . . . a bit. Number for his last ten games:

AB: 30
H: 8
RBI: 6
K: 7
r: 5
AVG: .266

As bad as these numbers seem to me, when I compare them to the previous 10 games they are not too bad.
AB: 26
AVG: .210
RBI: 0
K: 9

So he really is on the up swing.

I wish there were an alternate post to supplement this on where you did go bat shit crazy instead of the optimistic approach you took.

Phishisgr8 said...

A lot of it also has to do with his new spot in the line up, me thinks. He's seeing a lot more fastballs to hit with hitters behind him.
That's the main reason I don't think Pena has a chance of getting out of this slump. Just throw him breaking ball after breaking ball out of the strike zone (or, hell, right in the middle, don't matter)cause who cares if he gets on, the pitchers up next.

Phishisgr8 said...

BTW, if your Buccos come close to the sweep, or this God awful lineup doesn't hit in PNC, you'll see the bat shit crazy post, guaranteed.

Puttzy said...


I haven't seen the Pirates be favored like this in a long time

Pirates -156
Nats +141

Are you pitching tonight??