Friday, June 20, 2008

It's an unbelievable racket

Non baseball post here, but I gotta vent.

Who the hell thought they could get away with charging a proof fee for wedding invitations? That has got to be the most infuriating thing I've ever run into.

"Would you like to see how it will actually read before you order it?"

"Um, I already know how it's going to read. I wrote the shit down for you."

"Yeah, but sometimes words are spelled wrong, or dates come out wrong."

"Why? I wrote the exact way it's supposed to read, and all my spelling and dates were correct."

"Well, I think you should order a proof to make sure what you submitted is what they print. Oh, and it will cost you $25.00"

What in THE fuck? Of course I'll order the proof, then. You think I want my wedding invitation to say..."Pleased joined us in the marrage of Garvin and Rebercar"? Who the fuck do they have doing this shit, LolCats? Jesus F. Christ. I seriously can't think of anything else that would be that easy of a money generator for a company. I gotta pay you fuckers 25 bones to make sure you transposed my type written invitation that I submitted to you correctly? Fuck. You.

A friend and I were just kicking this whole proof thing around, and we came up with some analogies of how this would work in everyday life. It really puts it in perspective.

Hey, we are going to change your tires but if you give us an extra 25$ we'll make sure we put all the lugs nuts back on otherwise it's a crap shoot.


I know what you brought in to be tattooed onto you. Now, for $25 I can show you exactly how it's going to look. Otherwise, it might say I hate RJ vs. I heart RJ


Puttzy said...

Thank you sir heart transplant done with us. For an additional fee, after the surgery is complete, we can verify that your new heart works. Your decision . . .

Phishisgr8 said...

The fuck is that? Engrish? Are you drunk blog commenting again?

The Doctor said...