Friday, June 13, 2008

Nationals to Sink the Sea Men

It's amazing what lack of confidence does to you. As I was following yesterday's game on MLB Gameday (Note to Gameday: I HATE your little blue ball that says 'in play, run(s)'. Why the fuck put that up? Just wait until you can list what it was (Single, double, how many RBI, etc) for Flores' sake. Do you know what it's like screaming at the monitor, "YAY! Run(s) scored!!" and having to wonder just how many it may be, as we wait for your slow, laggish ass to actually show how many?) I found myself not expecting anyone to drive in runs. The RBI's were like little gifts from heaven.
So, I follow this series in to Seattle with the acceptance of getting swept. If It works out that way, hey, good for me! If we win one or more, it's like my birthday!
Shawn Hill looks to stop the two game skid going up against R.A. Dickey. Seriously. That's what the M's list him as. There's a joke in there somewhere, but God damn if I can find it. Speaking of God damn, the game starts at 10:10 pm here on the East coast. Zippie chance I can enjoy the game now, as I'll already be eight sheets to the wind at that point. If anyone in the DC area would be up for bailing me out tonight because I got arrested for standing on the bar and ripping the TV from it's wall mount, please leave your contact info in the comments. I promise to pay you back for the bail (maybe) and give you a big hug. Thanks!

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Puttzy said...

You said sea men. hahaha

You . . . R. A. Dickey, warm up!!

(Trying and miserably failing to place the joke you couldn't do. Apparently I couldn't either)