Monday, June 16, 2008

Ichiro's sea men not virile

BROOM, Bitches!

That there strapping looking fellow is Kory Casto who hit his first MLB HR in the 8th, a 2 3 run job [stupid me -ed]. He had family and friends at the event, since he had (unfortunately had to) grown up 3 hours away from Safeco Field. His dad was on hand (along with Casto's wife and daughter), and I'm sure it made a helluva Fathers Day gift. He was interviewed at the game and when asked if he was able to get the home run ball he said, "You betcha! I raced over there and explained the situation. The guy gave it up for two of Kory's game worn and autographed hats." Nice write up about the homer in Chico's gamer (Sure is getting dusty in here).
So, enjoy the day off today everyone. I'm gonna try and get in some softball games after work, and dream I'm Kory Catso when I'm up at ba..... Fuck it. That was getting a little sissy like. Manly fist bops for Casto. And an extra tall beer. And a raw fucking steak.
Yo know who's not getting any bops/beer/steak? Flop. That fucker. 2 errors on one play, Flop? Really? Eat your quiche, you pansy.
Oh, almost forgot to give this out. Enjoy, Kory! Also, if anyone can explain my overusage of the word bitches, I'd be much obliged.


Puttzy said...

2 errors on one play? What did he do?

Phishisgr8 said...

Fielding and throwing error,while playing second base.
It's like he turned into Bill McClellan (most errors in a season for 2nd baseman, 105!!!! in 1887) and Chuck Knoblauch at the same time.
Down with FLop! Can't wait till Zim gets back (please, please be this year) so we can move Belly to 2nd and sit Flop's sorry ass.