Thursday, August 7, 2008

If it weren't the Nationals....

...I wouldn't believe it. But, since this is the Washington Nationals, it makes perfect sense! Un-fucking-believable!
The Washington Nationals, hobbled, hurt and aching in the standings, suffered a scare in batting practice today. Pitcher Tim Redding was smoked by a line drive off the bat from teammate Cristian Guzman. Redding was in center field, approximately 350 feet away, when the ball hit him flush and dropped him. Redding went down and was quickly attended to by a trainer. He limped off under his own power, favoring his right leg. He avoided another line drive near the third base line as he returned slowly to the dugout.
I'm speechless. I really am. The team says he has a "right quad contusion and should be able to make his next start", but it's more than likely he'll be put on the 15 day DL in a week or two.

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