Friday, August 1, 2008

Post Flop, LoDu era begins...

After last night's game (which I ain't talking about. Why write about shit? Your writings may be good, but it still about shit.) Jimmy Bowden took the mic and made some announcement:
  1. Felipe Lopez is being released. The Nats eat what's left of his $4.9MM for this year.
  2. Paul LoDuca is being released. The Nats eat what's left of his $5MM for this year.
  3. Elijah Dukes was recalled from his rehab assignment for his knee injury (which is worth talking about. When he twisted his shit, he was placed on the DL and we were told he would be out a minimum of 4-6 weeks. This was July 5th. Chico interviewed DOOKS! on the 6th, and Elijah had this to say:
    Q:Is it going to be hard to not push yourself too hard to come back, knowing how much you want to play?A: Oh, it ain't no question I'm going to push myself hard to come back. That's just the way I am. I don't like to sit around and do nothing. If I can do something to get back faster, I'm going to do it. I don't plan on taking as long as I can. I plan on taking as quick as I can." Say what you want about Elijah, the guy's a very fast healer, and loves to play baseball. Small man crush coming on for him.)
  4. Emiliooooooooo is being called up.
  5. Alberto Gonzalez (who was acquired from the New York Hankees yesterday at a trade deadline deal for some scrub AA pitcher) will be on the active roster, and be in the hizzie Friday, today.
OK, 2 bags of sand gone, 2 rookies coming up, and one MEAST (The Doctor, can we call him that?) re-joining the team. Looks like we need to lose one more from the roster. (I just heard Pete Orr making a phone call to his travel agent asking if he can get a plane ticket to Beijing. Coincidence?) I sure as fuck hope that spot isn't opened up because we have to put Goozie or ZIM! on the DL! (Zim got hit on the hand by a pitch last night and had to leave the game. X-Rays were negative. Goozie's been day to day on a bad thumb that was also hit by a pitch.)
With that said, I thought I'd take a shot at Friday's lineup. Check this junx out, and HOLLA AT YA BOI in the comments with ideas/corrections.

  1. Emilio 2B
  2. Milledge CF
  3. Dukes LF
  4. Kearns RF
  5. Flores C
  6. Gonzalez SS
  7. Belliard 1B
  8. Casto 3B
What say you, lurkers?


Puttzy said...

To soon to reassign MEAST to another DC player.

You may want to avoid that man crush or you will start getting late night phone calls and texts threatening you, RJ, and the pups

Phishisgr8 said...

Doctor chimes in with: "i like to use doc walker euphemisms in cases like this. cyborg, tarantula, anteater, playmaker,grim reaper."

I think cyborg fits...

Rebecca said...

Why can't Nieves play catcher? I like Jesus, too, but I like Will better. Maybe Jesus can play first?

(why do I have to type the word verification?)

Phishisgr8 said...

Wil (one "L") does play. he's the backup catcher. He plays in day games after night games, and whenever else Jesus needs to sit a game out.
Other catchers do play first every now and then, but I don't think we would want to lose his defensive prowess by sticking him there.
You have to type it because it's not your blog.

Rebecca said...

you are grumpy and you have a big head.


Phishisgr8 said...

Your head is bigger than mine.