Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where my broom at?

Going for the sweep tonight, y'all. It really, really, shouldn't be that hard, since we're facing a 12 year old. I bring you tonight's starter, Master Clayton Kershaw.

All KIDding aside (see what I did there?), he already faced the Nats once, and handed them their asses (he allowed the same amount of base runners as he had strike outs). The guy is good. Sheeet, he was throwing in AA as a 19 year old. He has a hard fastball, with an almost vertical curveball (I'd say 12-6, but most people argue it's 1-7, and I hate arguments) and is developing a change-up, too. Great. ::sigh::
BUT, fear not, valiant readers, for we have DOOKS! back, and Zim hit his first homerun since May last night. Eyebrows (my new, cute nickname for Lannan) is up against him tonight, so look for a good match up.

P.S. How does Trey manage to make such great music with Phish, and have his other shit suck SO bad? I mean, Surrender To the Air was abominable, and Shine is almost unlistenable (Not a word, you say? It is now). Discuss.

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