Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm like Nostradamus, only less French!

Let me bring back one of my old posts, if I may.

The other quote is from Manny Elias Acta (See, people with middle names are good.) talking about the status of Alberto Gonzalez and his broken bum:

Alberto Gonzalez (left glut): Won't be placed on the DL. Will still need a few more days of rest. "He's getting better, getting treatment," Acta said. "We're not anticipating it to be a long-term type of thing."

I'm calling shenanigans! How many other times have we heard that someone is day-to-day, or just needs some rest, only to have them go on the DL, or even be out for the season?
Now, guess what became official today. You got it!
Alberto Gonzalez, who hasn't played in 10 days because of a left glut contusion, will be placed on the DL retroactive to August 5.
If anyone would like the winning lottery numbers, or the name of their future spouse, send me $250, and a S.A.S.E., and I'll get back to you.

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