Thursday, August 14, 2008

Strasburg. Wow.

I know, it was the Netherlands. How good of a baseball team could they field for the Olympics (I mean, Roger Bernadina wasn't there for them!)?

It doesn't really matter. Stephen Strasburg, the only amateur on the US squad, started last night's (This morning's? Fuck you China, and your 13 hour time difference.) game against the Netherlands. His line (click it if you're blind and can't make it out):

He was throwing 3 pitches consistently, and didn't get challenged by any hitter that I saw. Hell, one batter swung out of his shoes and landed on his back just fouling off a pitch.

Now, I have two points here.
  1. Sign Crow. (The first round pick of the Nationals. He is reportedly asking for a lot of money. Way over what most number 9 picks get. Should he have dropped to number 9? Probably not, but that's another story in itself.) There's an old saying in baseball that I agree with 100%. It goes, "I don't want to play golf. When I hit the ball, I want someone else to chase it." There's another one that I also believe, and it actually pertains to this post. "You can never have too much pitching." You can't. It's impossible. Even if you have 5 stud starters, you need more. You can trade them for big bats, or the key piece to your teams needs. Hell, I don't care what you do with them, as long as you have them. Get Crow signed, fellas. I'm on my knees here.
  2. Don't win another game all year. I swear to fucking God, don't. This Strasburg kid looked like a man among boys last night. He throws 3 pitches for strikes, and his 4th isn't that far behind from doing the same. I'm pretty sure that is the reason Manny kept Bergmann in the game last night for so long (10 runs in 3 IP? Hella-good! Walking the pitcher with the bases loaded? You my BOY! Walking another run in two batters latter? Now you're just fucking with me, aren't you? You and Manny are in cahoots!). Did I mind the fact that I had to sit there in the stands and see those runs pile up? Maybe, but I sure as fuck didn't once I got home and saw that Strasburg pitching line. God bless you, Manny. You're doing a fine, fine job.
  3. Oh, God damn....almost forgot. Boni, those two walks last night rocked my world. Now, maybe you can try and get Manny to have you attempt a steal once you actually get on?

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