Thursday, April 9, 2009

About those statues at Nats Park...

All pictures here have been ripped off borrowed from Nats320, which is a great blog that you all should stop by every chance you get. SBF is a really friendly guy, and his wife is cool, too. Say hi if you run into him at the ballpark.

Now, with that out of the way...

What in the shit is this crap? Seriously.

When the fuck did the Big Train grow extra arms? Is that Walter Johnson or Dr. Octopus?

Is this Josh Gibson? What in the hell is that growing out of his butt? Is he a peacock?

Hondo, buddy. So sorry. It appears you have a few arms and bats shooting out of your chest. Maybe you can head to the Doctor and get an ointment?

It seriously hurts my head when I try and wrap my brain around what the extra appendages are for. Look...I'm not the biggest expert on art. I mean, my favorite painting is Starry Night, by Van Gogh, which may - or may not - actually have been drawn by a 3rd grader. So I like my stuff simple, I guess. I'll never understand the finer points of art.


Quick tip o' the curly W cap to DCProSportsReport. They review Nationals' blogs, and I was lucky enough to have been reviewed recently. It's a brief review, but they do say this:
Kind of an interesting blog.

Thanks for that, guys. I appreciate it. And in order to keep on topic with the review... can I interest you in adding a God damn star or two to that rating?


Rebecca said...

Those do look strange. I wonder if the motion effect comes through better in person? I'd give you another star for sure.

Puttzy said...

They all need a comic book like *bam*, *whoosh*, or *ker-splunk* behind them. Maybe they can has cheeseburger.

I'm with ya overall. They are dumb.

Anonymous said...

Well Rebecca is your wife so she has to say she'd give you an extra star. But I'd give you another star too for sure.

The only thing wrong with the statues is like you said--looks like they should have added one more--the Doctor-rubbing-Ointment-on-the-extra-appendages statue.

The Doctor said...

I wish this organization could get something right.