Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Draft day today. It's like Christmas, but better!

I was woken up this morning by my kitty cat standing on my face screaming. What was he screaming?

That right little Ronnie V, It's Christmas STRASMAS!

The draft starts at 6pm and is being shown on the MLB network.

Be sure to check in with Brian over at NFA all day for updates.

In the mean time, I'll be sharpening up my pitch forks in case the Nats don't take the best player available (Mike Leake, anyone?) choosing instead to take a signabilty pick with their #10 pick.


Puttzy said...
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Puttzy said...

I assume you saw this but just in case you didn't . . .
Outside the Lines
did a nice piece on this Sunday

Can you sign him is the basic gist of the piece

Section 138 said...

I hadn't seen that piece, but it's nothing too new. Yes, the Nationals can sign Stras. Kasten (team President) and Rizzo (acting GM) have had success with Boras in the past (Crow last year not withstanding).
I think he falls around $22MM.

The #10 pick is where I'm super intrigued. I swear to Lil' Ronnie V... if they use that pick on a guy slated to go #20-30 on most draft boards, I'm gonna destroy something.

Rob Birch said...

I wanna read the deleted comment. Is it spam? You know you've made it big time when the spammers hit you.

Rob Birch said...

So we need an update. Two pitchers taken with the #1 and #10picks. Both from what I have read could be on your major league roster by the end of the season. The FPTR (First Place Texas Rangers) also went pitcher heavy (but you can read more on my blog thingie)with their first two. Did you get everything you asked for on Strasmus day?

Rob Birch said...

Hey Section 138. Long time commenter, first time reader here. Can you give us fans some background info on Strasburg? Why he ended up at SDSU, and High School stats/info? Thanks.