Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's duck and cover time, folks.

Starting pitching line from Johnny Lannans last night:

6.1 IP 9 H 3R 2 BB 3 K

Pitching line for the rest of the 2.2 innings:

2.2 IP 8 H 8 R 3 BB 1 K

Or... for the readers that more directly relate to pictures rather than words, I can put it another way. (Feel free to click for the larger size, and save as your wallpaper!)

Now... I'm not sure about you all, but me? I'm thinking,


So, get on the team a bit. Buy your asses a t-shirt, and help a brother make it to the bigs.

I actually visited Tyler last night after the game. And I'm quoting here...

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