Monday, June 22, 2009

Where in the world is Tyler Lee Clippard?

Did you buy your 'Free Clippard' shirt yet? Of course you haven't. (Which makes me sad, but that's a whole other post...) It's all good, though. I'll just pimp my shirt by my bad ass self.

Imagine the smile that hit my face when I ran across this in Brian from NFA's Twitter feed on Sunday morning.
NFA_BrianRHRP Tyler Clippard called up from Syracuse by #Nats ... no corresponding move yet (Colome to DL?)
Oh, JOY! I ran over to MLB's official transaction log to double check.

Sweet! They did recall him. I then run over to the Nationals site and check their 25 man roster.

Sweet! He's on the 25 man roster. There was a whole lot of speculation that Clippard was replacing Jesus Colome, since Colome left Saturday night's game in the 11th with what was called a 'right quad strain.'

"This just keeps getting better and better", I said at the time. So I ran down to Party City and bought a shit load of ticker tape. I was going to throw Clippard a party, whether he knew it or not, dammit.

Well, imagine the look on my face when Jesus 6.97 ERA Colome saunters out to pitch the 6th inning of Sunday's game. Since My animals can't take pictures of me (That whole opposable thumb shit and all), you're stuck with yet another picture of one of my pets. This time it's my lil' puppy I just picked up. I named him Mikey Mac after our new superstar one pitch closer. His expression mirrored mine.

So... Tyler Clippard is lost. Where is he? No one really knows for sure. All I know is that when I went to Party City to return my ticker tape they refused to take it back. "We're sorry" they said. "This ticker tape's been used." Apparently you can't take all the ticker tape out of the bag, hurl it off your roof onto the neighborhood dogs as they poop, and then stuff it back into bags and attempt to get a refund. Whatever. I'll just keep it and give myself a parade every time I walk down the street. Wearing my bad ass Free Clippard shirt.


The Doctor said...

You got another dog?

Rob Birch said...

I tried to buy the shirt but, get this, the website LITERALLY laughed at me. No shit, my windows media player actually opened up and a laughtrack proceeded to be played until I hit "cancel" on my purchase order. Weird.

Section 138 said...

Doctor - As well as getting another dog, I also got a backyard and a fence.

(I did not, in fact, get another dog nor a backyard or fence.)

Chico - If you're gonna lie, at least make it believable.

Brandon said...

I really enjoy reading this blog. That is all.

Section 138 said...

Well thank you, Brandon. Hey, if you stop by on Friday, we sometimes have virtual donuts.

Okay, we don't have virtual donuts, cause that would be... fucking lame.

But still, stop on by more often, and don't mind commenter known as "Rob Birch/Chico Man." He may be contagious, but he lives way out in Dallas.