Monday, June 1, 2009

Jesus Flores being Jesus leads to shoulder problems

Well, we were all set to have our starting catcher back for this past weekend's series against the Philthies. Jesus had been on the DL since May 9th, after catching a foul ball of his right shoulder. He had rehabbed down up in Harrisburg, and had played in 3 games there (one as a DH, but he caught the two others). He had two attempted steals against him, and he got one runner.

Apparently, something happend in one (or all?) of those games to make the Nats, and our starting catcher nervous. The call up to the club scheduled for the Friday was cancelled, and he had an MRI taken by the team doctor, Wiemi Douoghui. Well, it seems like the Nats are not willing to trust good ol' Dr. Douoghui, and are sending him to Birmingham, Alabama to see the person that no sports fan ever wants their players to see, Dr. James Andrews.

The Nats say they're just getting a second opinion (although we have no clue what the first opinion was) and they are going to shut Jesus down for the weekend, with throwing to resume some point after that. The Dr. Andrews visit is today, and there's no doubt what the visit will reveal. Jesus obviously takes his real job seriously (you know... saving all of mankind and what not), and devoted this past off season to going to leper colonies and healing them. Now his arm has fallen off due to all the contact with said lepers. Fan. Fucking. Tastic.

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