Friday, May 29, 2009

Strasburg confirmed for tonight's game.

Per Kirk Kenney, Strasburg will get the ball tonight. The game starts at 7 pm ET. I just switched my TV carrier (went to DirecTV from Comcast) just for this game, because it was to be shown on ESPNU, which Comcast doesn't offer. Welp, Dan Steinberg just broke on his Twitter feed that the game will also be shown on Comcast Sports Net.
This is a good thing for us local folks, and it's definitely worth flipping between Detwiler and Strasburg tonight.

Two quick notes, then back to work.

First... The Florida Marlins are interested in Daniel Cabrera. Seriously. Here's a link and everything. I can't make that shit up.

And second, I've had Wily Mo Pena in the back of my mind for some reason lately. So, I meandered over to milb.com to grab his stats. The Weapon of Mass Production is hitting a robust .225/.259/.325. Hope that works out for you, Mets. (Insert your own joke here as I'm all out.)

Now, if you excuse me, it's time to make the donuts.


Rob Birch said...

Just set my DVR.

Puttzy said...


Section 138 said...

Ahh, see... Here I was thinking this was a baseball blog, and that folks would know who the most hyped college pitcher of all-time was. Mea Culpa, Puttzy.


He's also going to be selected number one overall in next month's draft by the Nats.

Rob Birch said...

Strasburg = Future Awesome Dude of the Day Medal (ADOTDM) winner.