Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boswell watches another game called baseball than I do.

That sport with 9 people per side, 9 fielding at one time versus one batter at a time.... baseball, right? The guy who stands on the pile of dirt throwing to the batter...that's a pitcher, right?

I haven't spoken out against Thomas Boswell before, mostly cause I like the dude, he writes well, and is knowledgeable. Except, that ends now. He has said over and over that drafting a pitcher with the #1 overall pick is a horrible thing to do. He also let out this beauty in today's Washington Post chat.
Tom Boswell: Anybody who drafts a pitcher with an overall pick between 5 and 15 is out of their mind. Just my opinion.......
......Most of the pitchers who have been taken in the first 18 picks that you'd be glad you picked __maybe not Griffey Jr ecstatic, but happy__ came in the first five overall. In other words, they REALLY jumped out. But between 6-and-15, it's a nightmare. For example, 6 and 7 overalls have produced Bonds, Jeter, Sheffield, van Slyke, Thomas, Prince Fielder, Nick Markakis, etc. The 44 No. 6 overalls and the 44 No. 7 overalls __88 picks since '65__ have produced....Rich Dotson. And nobody else I even bothered to write down.
Well, God damn, Boz. I wrote down four names just looking at one fucking draft. The 2002 MLB draft produced:
  • Zack Greinke at number 6
  • Joe Saunders at 12
  • Scott Kazmir at 15
  • Cole Hamels at 17
  • Jeremy Guthrie at 22
  • Matt Cain at 25
...Hmm. He'll take... hang on a second, I have to scroll up to get his name... Rich Dotson. He'll take Rich Doston over the names above? How about a couple more, cause I don't really want to hunt through all the drafts. But then again, maybe I'm using a different definition of "pitcher" than he.

The next few drafts came up with Clayton Kershaw at number 7 in 06, followed by Tim Lincecum at 10 in the same draft, and Max Scherzer next at 11. Yeah, bunch of useless arms these folks are, right Tom? Bunch of fucking chopped liver.

Now, imagine my surprise when I'm catching up on my Twitter feed, when a couple folks pointed out this article with very sage advice.
Next, the Nats need to admit to themselves that looking out over the next several years, they don't have a top-flight closer, or perhaps even setup man, in their entire organization. Yesterday's blown leads of 8-4 after six innings and 10-9 in the ninth are the latest evidence. Facing a problem doesn't solve it, but it opens the way. Making a trade, signing a free agent or using their No. 10 overall draft pick in June for a young closer is needed.
Are you fucking serious, dude? Do you have any idea how closers actually...become closers? It ain't through the draft, but don't let that bother you, Boz.

You know what? I don't want to write about Boswell and the Nats anymore. This here column's baseball related talk is over.

I leave you with a great problem solver for your abode and worms. We have a problem with worms at our place. They find a way to get in/around/under the door, so they're always getting dragged in the house by the dogs, or when the door opens. I was gonna spend some money on some product to alleviate the problem. Well...thank Flores I didn't, cause my wife solved the problem for $0.00. Seriously. All you have to do is place one of these at whatever point of infiltration the worms are using.

This stopped them from coming in. Seriously. Did you know those fuckers could read? I didn't even know they had eyeballs.


Puttzy said...

Eric Milton: New York Yankees in the 1st round (20th pick) of the 1996 Major League Baseball Draft.

Yay for asking the worms to politely not come around. See if everyone were just nice to each other the world would be a better place

Rob Birch said...

1993 Draft - #12 Billy Wagner, #15 Chris Carpenter. Useless couple of arms those were.