Friday, May 8, 2009

Introducing Mr. Ronald Thomas Villone, Jr.

Ladies and Germs, I present to you our newest member of the bullpen. The esteemed first round draft pick, and awesome mullet sporter, Ron Villone.

Nothing says bad ass more than a first round signing bonus and a bitching mullet. I bet he's cruising around in a sweet ass ride with the wind in his hair. I wonder what car he got with his signing bonus from... well, let's see here.... what year did he get drafted in... Ah, here it is, 02. Or, wait..92? 1992? For Reals? 19 fucking 92? ::sigh::

Ah fuck it. The guys 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA after last night's performance. I, for one, welcome our new mulleted over lord! All Hail Ron Villone!

What? He doesn't have a mullet anymore?

God. Dammit.

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Rob said...

Bet he's got a sweet as flamin' bird on the solid metal hood of his Camaro. FYI, tonight was the first road game for the FIRST PLACE Texas Rangers that they have not hit a home run.