Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stammen, Detwiler, and a bet.

Lots of things going on behind the scenes, but no official word yet. That leaves us on our own to figure out what the fuck is going on.

Here's what we know:
  • Ross Detwiler is starting Saturday's game.
  • Daniel Cabrera was in the bullpen all game yesterday. He also didn't seem comfortable in the chairs. He has freaky long - giraffe like- legs.
  • Now, Craig Stammen is getting the start tomorrow.
Now, with Stammen coming in tomorrow, we're one man over the 25 man roster limit. The Nats can't part with another position player, so that means it has to come from the pitching staff.

But who? How serious were they with DCab in the pen yesterday? (I say not much, since he didn't warm up yesterday. I think pretty much everyone else besides him warmed up. Maybe Kip Wells didn't? I know Joel, Mock, Julian, and Colome warmed up at least once.)

I haven't been able to figure out the rotation since the doubleheader fucked it all up. But, for what it's worth, mlb.com had tomorrow's start belonging to Cabrera. So, that seems to mean Cabrera is out, no? I'll wait until it's official before I start weeping with joy, however.

My guess at the rotation is Lannan, ?, Zimmermann, Martis, Detwiler. Just who sits in that ? spot? Is this a one start audition for Craig?

And finally... I bet Joel $20 that I could throw within 19 MPH of him over at the new bar-ish place that opened up outside the center field gates. They have a real nice looking radar station all set up. Right next to the bean bag toss stations. (Nuh uh. Ain't gonna get me to call it by its lamer known name. No way. Ever.) Anyway, Joel seemed like he wanted to take my money, but I highly doubt he would show up over there for lil' old me. Thinking back on it, actually, it may have been one of my stupider ideas. I blame it on the beer.


Puttzy said...

You just cant stop betting on your Nats can ya? Aren't ya convinced they cost ya enough money already?

The Doctor said...

Nice bet. You totally have him.

I found a pic of Stammen's sister.

Phishisgr8 said...

Puttzy - I can't help it. The Nats are my heroin. What the fuck else can I do?

Doctor - That's some damn fine investigative reporting there.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who realizes that Teddy actually won a race??

Tuesday night - the Presidents won teh relay race, and since Teddy is part of the Presidents, HE WON!! 'bout damn time.

Now if only our beloved Nats could employ the same sort of trickery to win something. Preferably a World Series, but at this point, I'd settle for a regular-season series...

Rebecca said...

Yeah, or even just a win. A single win. That would be nice, too.

Phishisgr8 said...

Do not give up the fight! They'll win tonight to keep my bet alive. Then, they'll sweep the Pirates in August to win my bet.