Thursday, May 28, 2009

Manny Acta needs to get medieval on some asses.

So, I'm watching last night's game epic screw job, and I'm fucking pissed. The whole Daniel Murphy homerun/no homerun thing had me fuming. Look... there are many factors that played into it (Dunn not hustling the most glaring), but here's the bottom line. The play was ruled as a triple on the field. In order to overturn the call there has to be "clear and convincing evidence."

The score was tied 3-3 with a runner on first and no outs when Murphy hit the ball. A runner was thrown out at home on the play, with the batter ending up on 3rd. It's still 3-3 but with one out, and a runner at third. The umpires adjourn to view the replays eat donuts and laugh about "how awful this Nats team is." Then, they waddle back out onto the field, and give the homerun signal.

The crowd goes bonkers, as the score is now 5-3 and there are no outs. This brings Manny to a fucking boiling rage. Remember, it requires clear-cut evidence to overturn a call on the field. Clear cut, my ass. I mean, this call was blown so bad, it looked like a Granny's Gone Wild porno. Manny can't, and won't stand for this shit, so he bolts out of the dugout to give the umps a big piece of his Dominican mind. I caught it on video and posted it below.

Look at that fire! Look at that intensity! He's laying it on the line, man! He's letting the umps know they destroyed that call, and is showing his squad how much a win matters to him.

Oh, wait. That's not actual video above. You see, the only one who argued the call was Adam Dunn (and props to The Big Donkey for that. Gotta sell it).

That's right. Manny did diddly squat. Fucking sat on his hands. Maybe said, "Gosh golly, I was sure that wasn't a homerun. Oh well, the umpires always get it right. Besides, who am I to argue with those guys? They're good family men."

Whether they got the call right, or wrong, it was a game changing call. Ryan Zimmerman said
"It was a huge blow"
Huge blow? It was a testicle shot. Good thing your mentor, leader, and motivator of the squad (cough, Manny, cough) let it be known that he was super fucking pissed.

Or, he didn't.

All I can say at this point, is that I hope to God I never find myself in a position where Manny has to stand up for me.

"Hey, Manny, you remember that one time that I had that 15 minute conversation with you in the clubhouse during the Nats open house for season ticket holders?"

"I sure do, and that was a good time. Thanks for coming out and supporting the team all season."

"Well, Manny, I'm glad you remember that meeting. You see... The police arrested and charged me with a murder. But... I couldn't have commited this murder. In fact, the coroner placed the time of death at the exact moment in which I was talking with you. Can you testify that I couldn't of committed this heinous act, since I was in your presence the whole time?"

"Well, wow. Gosh, dude. I mean... it is the police and all. They always get it right. Maybe I was talking to a hologram. Yeah, that must be it. I was talking to a hologram. Good luck to you! Come on out and support the team when you get paroled. Don't drop the soap."



Puttzy said...

That's nothing compared to a Zambrano hissy fit!

Rebecca said...

I generally appreciate people remaining calm and not getting carried away or letting their emotions cloud their judgement. But COME ON! His apparent apathy makes me feel like I shouldn't care either. I, too, should just give up on the season.

Puttzy said...

There is a right and wrong way to argue. There are certain things that just shouldn't be argued also. Manny needs to learn all of these things and at least try. Hell if he gets it wrong it is something!

(my word verification is 'unpee' . . . is that possible? Can you unpee the bed?)

Phishisgr8 said...

-Zambrano would've karate kicked their heads off.

- Apathy is a good word. And describes the situation perfectly.

- This call has to be argued. HAS to. Also, it is possible to unpee, but it requires a Flux Capacitor. And a case of Parkinson's.

Rebecca said...

Just over the last 2 games (I think, I'm sure you'll correct me if I'm wrong) he didn't argue Bard's run (not that I am a Bard fan - he takes away my Wil viewing time), he didn't argue Colome's balk, he didn't argue either of the umpire reviews. Ok - so he did make an attempt to argue the warning given to Bergman for 'throwing at' (ha ha) some Met. That's what he chooses to argue? It doesn't even affect the score or people on base, etc.

I want to see him kick some dirt or the umps' shoes and throw a base. I'm sure his apathy is contagious. Maybe if he gets fired up the players will, too.

The Doctor said...

The ball bounced on the track and TOWARDS THE WALL. WTF. He's gotta say something there.

Section 138 said...

Doctor- I can't wait for someone to be camped under there to catch a can of corn, only to have the upper deck grab it, because that's apparently what would happen.

I don't really have a point. Blah, blah blah.

Rob Birch said...


I know the feeling.

Section 138 said...

Dude.... that's not even in the same ballpark, hell, it's not even the same sport!
Allow me to channel the Doctor:
The ball bounced on the track and TOWARDS THE WALL. WTF.

Rob Birch said...

It hit the overhang, bro. Groundrules = Home Run.

Section 138 said...

The fuck it did!

Again... Allow The Doctor to retort:

The ball bounced on the track and TOWARDS THE WALL. WTF.

Rob Birch said...

You can see the frickin ball CHANGE direction as it clips the Jared Fogel footlong penis advertisement, holmes. Let it go, homer.