Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I take a couple weeks off, and...

...nothing really happens. I went to Phoenix, AZ to get married. Catching a Peoria Saguaros AZ fall game was up on my priority list, but I just couldn't work it in. A guest at the wedding did manage too, though, and he saw Detwiler, Carr, and Zinicola. He said they all looked very polished, and were head and shoulders above the other scrubs he saw pitch that game. Yay!
After Phoenix, I went to Jamaica for the honeymoon. Not much to do except drink fruity drinks in the morning while reading a book or three on the beach. I will now turn in my first book review since 7th grade.

Is This a Great Game or What? by Tim Kurkjian. HIGHLY recommended. The stories Timmy shares are fantastic. I can see myself re-reading this book once every few years, easy. Some damn funny stuff in there. One highlight? When Tim is introduced to Earl Weaver for the first time after becoming the Orioles beat writer, Weaver's response is, "Fuck you, Tim."

License to Deal by Jerry Crasnick. It's a book about baseball agents, and one maverick in particular, Matt Sosnick. I bought it because I wanted some insight on what may have gone down with the Crow non-signing. I gotta tell you, I knew there was some shady shit going on, but some agents come off looking like low-life assholes. The client stealing is particularly shocking. A good book, and surely one to give anyone who might even consider becoming an agent.

Living on the Black by John Feinstein. I was really pumped for this one, thinking I would get a good look into the day-to-day shit a player goes through. I was pretty disappointed, however, and haven't finished it. It starts out with a few chapters on Tom Glavine and Mike Mussina and their careers. It didn't need to be that long, but it was. Then he dives into the 2007 season. He gives game by game accounts, but there's not much depth to it. He gives line-scores, and player quotes, but there isn't really anything meaty to it. It's more of a re-telling of games by two... boring guys. No knock on Moose or Glavine, they just aren't that interesting of people. I'm not sure when\if I'll actually finish this one. It might get better, but I'm not holding my breath.

There you have it, an update on my life. Oh, I was also sick up to the day of my wedding, only to kick it yet have it return after Jamaica. I should probably resume my antibiotics regime that consisted of 10 Red Stripes a day.

Red Stripe. It's beer. HOORAY beer!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

At least this town is getting consistent

At this rate, I don't think any professional athlete will want to play for in Washington.

I don't follow basketball. At all. I'll bet on some March Madness, but that's as close as I get. But even I noticed myself reacting to the latest Washington Bullets Wizards injury woes.

They're already without starting point-guard Gilbert Arenas (HIBACHI! Does he still say that?), starting forward (I don't know which one. I'll guess... power?) Antawn Jamison, and now may be without starting center Brendan Haywood (Knock Knock. Who's there? Haywood. Haywood who? Haywood Jablowme.) for 4-6 months.

We might have to start putting supplements in the water supply here. We got more invalid athletes around these parts than the Paralympics.

Monday, October 6, 2008

And I had a huge post idea, too...

Sorry all. I had a great idea for a new post, but I walked into the office to this. Holy. Shit.