Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So, who has worse fans, Philly or New York?

The behavior of the Philly and New York fans during the playoffs has been hashed, and re-hashed, and then hashed and re-hashed some more already, so I won't go there. Instead, I'll just post these two animated gifs that I put together so they can live in infamy and be used to mock either fan base whenever the opportunity arises. (Plus, I'm lazy, and don't have the time to write out a full blog post. Come on, man, I just got done walking from the vending machine back to my desk. I'm wiped out here.)

The first is this wonderfully wonderful Philly fan responding to a Reds player after the player had the gall to glance at the home plate umpire after a third strike call. He's clearly explaining to the player that his concerns are unwarranted as the umpire's performance is exemplary. Or, he's only past an infant level, mentally, and can still only exude his feelings through monosyllabic words and pantomimes. The first time a Philles fan has the balls to pipe up about anything not going their way, feel free to whip this gif across their face.

And the second comes to us from this Yankees fan who is performing, to the letter, the dictionary definition of the phrase"douche bag." I am so impressed with his respectful attitude and his vocabulary rich rebuttal to the Rangers outfielder's concerns that he interfered with the outfielder's ability to make the play. Then again, he may have a condition where he can only make wild gestures and mumble... I'm no doctor. Feel free to send this gif to a Yankee fan the next time they feel the need to disagree with, well, anything. To repeat a line from one of my tweets last night, "Dear Yankee fans, this is why people hate you."

So, bang up job you're doing, fellas. Keep up the good work spoiling a whole damn bunch. I would hate to not have anyone living down to our low expectations of you.