Monday, June 30, 2008

Walk-offs becoming too common?

Nah. I could live with those every day. Here's a good shot of Belliard jumping torpedo style into the mob at the plate. Clickie here, and click on the video at the bottom for the Belly goodness.

Looks to me like a stage dive about to go wrong, but he's still cool. Did anyone catch the Debbi Taylor interview right after the game? Dude was born in New York, NY, but has a thicker accent than Fidel Castro.
I can't wait to trade Flop so Belly can go back to playing short right field and he can bat everyday. He's the best 8 hitter I've seen in a while. Of course, we need Zim back for that to happen. Wanna get your hopes up?
As for Zimmerman, good news on that front. Looks like he'll begin to swing a bat next week. The team is encouraged by his progress, and is counting on his return this season. (Which means surgery is looking unlikely.)

Yeah, sure. I've already counted him out for the year. I swear we'll have the complete AA Harrisburg roster up here once Goozie, Boone, Jesus, W Harris, and Wil go on the DL. (Seriously, that's all the position players that have yet to go on the DL, right? Besides the late late call ups like Orr and Casto. And hoping Flop gets traded.)

Oh, yeah..there's that whole matter of Roger Bernadina starting in CF yesterday. Turns out Blastings did something to his groin (No sarcastic remarks from the peanut gallery, dammit.) while tracking down a fly ball on Saturday. He'll be out 2-4 weeks (read: at least 4 weeks). Bernadina takes his place on the active roster, while the Thrilledge ices his man region.

Also getting a call up? Collin, mother f'ing Balester. That's right, the number three prospect in the Nats system will get a good look at the bigs. I hear he'll be up for a while, as they didn't want to disrupt him with a quick trip up and back. The kid's 22 years old and a 6'5" 190 lb right hander. I know nothing else. The Doctor will hopefully leave some nuggets of goodness in the comments. I wonder whose getting dropped from the 25 man, though. It looks to me like someone from the bullpen has gotta go, but we'll see. Balester throws tomorrow night, btw.

Our heroes are back down in Florida, taking on the fish again. On the bump tonight is Capt. Redd vs. Ryan Tucker (WHO?). Tucker is a rookie (Know your roll, ROOK!) who has gone 2-2 with a 6.75 ERA and a 1.80 WHIP. He also likes Barry Manilow, wears pink polo shirts with his collar up, and hates the U.S.A. Jon Rauch might kill him.

One last point, I promise. After the Nats game I switched it to Baseball Tonight to catch up on all the other action that happened around the league. I saw highlights for every single game except the Texas/Philly contest (which started at 5, and did have an 'in game' update) the Cubs/Sox game (The Cubs and Sox did get a good 10 minute preview, however, since ESPN was showing it at 8.), and ......wait for it...... The Washington Nationals/Crackmore Blowrioles.
Again, note to ESPN: Fuck. You. You showed me 15 minutes of REO fucking Speedwagon and other wonderful acts including Punch Brothers (who?), The Cab (who?), and Lloyd (who are these people???) playing 'Take me out to the ballgame' but had the balls to not show a 12th inning walk-off? Karl Ravech, you may be dead to me

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Two words, folks.


What is it with walk off wins and this team? Fuck if I know, but fuck if I care. They're damn fun to watch.

Bye, Flop?

I know, it's a few days old. I was going to write up today's day game vs. the BlO's, but we're in the 11th inning, with no sign of ending anytime soon.
So, on with the goodness.
Ken Rosenthal says the O's "have engaged in substantive conversations" to acquire Lopez. The likely return: just a marginal prospect.

For reals? I only have one thing to say.

A marginal prospect is more than I need. Shit, gimmie a sack o' baseballs and a lunch from Chipotle. He's all yours, suckers!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Yeah, yeah. There's a post about the O's series below this one

This is extremely important news for this here blogger.

One of you fuckers better pony up $250 for this


Make it so. That is all.

Battle of the Beltways Begins. Again.

The BlO's play our heroes tonight at Nationals Park, with first pitch being 7:35. When we last saw the Orange Atrocities we lost two heart breakers (one by 2 runs, the other by 1) and managed to win 1. We can even up the series tonight with a win, and go on to win the season series and be awarded.......whatever it is that this series awards it's winner.
On the bump for us tonight is Rental Perez, back from his lil' stint on the DL. When I asked him about it he said, "It really wasn't a big deal. You know, everyone on the team has to do it, so I choose the past couple weeks to get it over and done with." Taking his place was Shawn Hill. I just wish Clint or Screech could take a trip to the DL for the team, but those bastards keep on keeping on.
Opposing Perez tonight is Danny Cabrera, the 6'7" headcase that's actually 27 already. Seems like just yesterday he was a young 23 year old rookie walking a million guys in a year. Now? He's a 27 year old veteran walking a million guys a year. He also likes to throw at people's heads when he's not happy (coughDustinPedroiacough) and has been known to punch his pets.*
I'll be at my local watering hole tonight, watching with glee, since the bartender and the manager are Blowirole fans. Can't wait. We will be attending tomorrow night's game with great fervor and excitement as we'll be getting to see Johnny Lannans beating Greg Garrett Olson. Also, I can't wait to punch the nearest Baltimoron who screams, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" in my ear during the Anthem.

*I cannot verify this, but I'm 100% positive it happens.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Washington wins another walk-off

The hero of last nights game? Not Jesus (I love you, dude, but you were 0-4 with 3 K's before your walk-off single), but Elijah mother f'ing DOOKS! He had a huge, huge game last night. 2-3 with 2 BB's and a laser beam to home to get Garreett Anderson. While watching this clip, please take note of Bob Carpenter's mouth getting ahead of the play, again. Seriously, Bob, just call what you can see. Shit ain't that hard.

Also of note: Luis going with the Jacoby Ellsbury look.
Very interesting. I know Colome likes it warm (he was wearing a freaking hoody the whole game last night. It was 85 degrees at first pitch!) but apparently Luis does too.

Enjoy the off day, folks. Blowrioles come rolling in tomorrow night for a 3 game set. I'm already cringing thinking about listening to those awful accents and hearing them butcher the National Anthem. Ugh.

Oh, here you go, Dooksie!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Angels of God ain't the ones from LAA

Lesson 1: Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

Lesson 2: The second ball from mi hermano goes on my desk.

Lesson3: I am this close to buying a Dukes jersey. I'm so afraid of him impregnating a 17 year old or stabbing a teammate, however, that I think I'll just buy a Flores or a Lannan jersey and play it safe.

God bless 0 for 4 folks that come up with runners in scoring position in the 9th, and God bless the arm that is Elijah Dukes.

P.S. Someone ask me about Colome referencing my tattoo. Pretty please.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Might want to set your DVRs, folks.

Paul LoDuca is starting in left field tonight.

Holy. Shit.

Get your popcorn, and grab a comfy seat.

(Small note of glee: Flop not starting tonight.)


Hey, lookie there. 1 out in the inning, and 1 error by LoDu!

Whoopsie, error on Meat. Shocker, I know! His range is usually man-tastic.

4-0 Angels, 1 out in the 1st. Anyone still have the game on?

Hey, did you know you don't even have to be involved in a play to get injured? Yup, if you're a member of the Nationals, a mysterious illness will hit you in the middle of someone's at bat while you're playing left field! LoDuca's line: 2 IP 1 E. WMP comes in, and hopefully doesn't get hit by the same gamma rays as Paul.

Jesus, Vlad Guerrero just left the game with "flu like symptoms." It's happened. The Russians North Koreans have exploded a rocket above D.C. releasing poison gasses. AHHHH!

8-0 Angels after 2 1/2 innings. Fuck this, I'm playing some Guitar Hero.

I lied, I'm a sucker for these Nats bastards. WMP just hit a home run that cleared the home bullpen in .79 seconds. 8-1, baby!

Flop just pinch hit for Shawn Hill. Great to see he hasn't lost it as he promptly ground into a double play. Upside? He can no longer appear in this ballgame. Downside? He haunts my every night with his horrors.

Steven Shell in for Hill in the top of the 4th. Did I mention I saw his MLB debut on Sunday? What? I didn't? Hmm...I wonder what I was doing this weekend that I couldn't write up any of the Rangers games? Ask my liver. Please.

I went to Maggie Moos and got me some money Twizzler flavored ice cream. I highly recommend it. What I miss? Apparently Dukes hit himself a tater. Good for him. Kory Casto had a pinch hit RBI single as well. 8-3 bad guys 2 outs bottom of the 5th.

Game over, 8-3. In some breaking news, Shawn Hill is heading to the Mayo Clinic tomorrow, and may make a trip to the DL. Why Not? Shit, let's go for the largest percentage of a roster to ever go on the DL. At least Mock or Clippard will get a good look in his spot.

This is baseball?

For Reals?

Not even sure I feel like describing the offense of this squad. I'm serials.

The pitching? Muey fuckin bueno.

The hitting/(Flops)defense? No es fuckin bueno.

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's an unbelievable racket

Non baseball post here, but I gotta vent.

Who the hell thought they could get away with charging a proof fee for wedding invitations? That has got to be the most infuriating thing I've ever run into.

"Would you like to see how it will actually read before you order it?"

"Um, I already know how it's going to read. I wrote the shit down for you."

"Yeah, but sometimes words are spelled wrong, or dates come out wrong."

"Why? I wrote the exact way it's supposed to read, and all my spelling and dates were correct."

"Well, I think you should order a proof to make sure what you submitted is what they print. Oh, and it will cost you $25.00"

What in THE fuck? Of course I'll order the proof, then. You think I want my wedding invitation to say..."Pleased joined us in the marrage of Garvin and Rebercar"? Who the fuck do they have doing this shit, LolCats? Jesus F. Christ. I seriously can't think of anything else that would be that easy of a money generator for a company. I gotta pay you fuckers 25 bones to make sure you transposed my type written invitation that I submitted to you correctly? Fuck. You.

A friend and I were just kicking this whole proof thing around, and we came up with some analogies of how this would work in everyday life. It really puts it in perspective.

Hey, we are going to change your tires but if you give us an extra 25$ we'll make sure we put all the lugs nuts back on otherwise it's a crap shoot.


I know what you brought in to be tattooed onto you. Now, for $25 I can show you exactly how it's going to look. Otherwise, it might say I hate RJ vs. I heart RJ

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Worse fielder than Meat?

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Damn, Manny Acta is deep!

I had no idea we had the Dalai Lama coaching this team. I just want to hug this man!
This is a quote clipped from Chico's Nationals Journal post. I'll (try to) set it up for you. Chico was explaining to Manny how we was writing an article about Acta's managerial style, specifically his patience. It led to a conversation about the dust up in the dugout between Manny and Elijah, and how it was leading off Baseball Tonight and other shows. Manny said he does this behind doors often, but no-one makes a big deal of it then. Chico tries to blame it on more media presence, but Manny doesn't bite. His explanation for the blown out of proportion dugout scene being headline news?
It's the sadness of the world. Sarcasm. Negativity. We live in world where people love to boo instead of cheer. They'd rather say No than Yes. They love to say, You suck, instead of, It's OK you'll get 'em next time. They love violence instead of calm. That's why I'm so worried and feel bad about my daughter's future in this world. It is simple: The Washington Nationals sometime go days without being seen on highlights on TV shows. And that night, because of a little argument in the dugout, we were the leading story. What does that tell you?

Fuck. Manny is muy profundamente.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Nationals are on a rampage; Will break you.

First it was Matt Capps, now it's Bill Bavasi. Nationals killed Capps the closer, then murdered the Mariners manager.

In his first 27 games, Matt Capps hadn't blown a save. When the Pirates came to town, the Nationals broke that streak by not only having him blow a save, but by getting the win that night (6/10). He then went on to blow 2 more saves in his next 3 games (6/14 and 6/15)! He's done. Pitt needs to sit him, cause he'll never be the same. He sees Nationals in his sleep.

The Mariners today fired general manager Bill Bavasi. Coincidence that the Nats just went in there and swept the series? Hardly.

Be afraid, MLB players and coaches. Be very afraid.

Ichiro's sea men not virile

BROOM, Bitches!

That there strapping looking fellow is Kory Casto who hit his first MLB HR in the 8th, a 2 3 run job [stupid me -ed]. He had family and friends at the event, since he had (unfortunately had to) grown up 3 hours away from Safeco Field. His dad was on hand (along with Casto's wife and daughter), and I'm sure it made a helluva Fathers Day gift. He was interviewed at the game and when asked if he was able to get the home run ball he said, "You betcha! I raced over there and explained the situation. The guy gave it up for two of Kory's game worn and autographed hats." Nice write up about the homer in Chico's gamer (Sure is getting dusty in here).
So, enjoy the day off today everyone. I'm gonna try and get in some softball games after work, and dream I'm Kory Catso when I'm up at ba..... Fuck it. That was getting a little sissy like. Manly fist bops for Casto. And an extra tall beer. And a raw fucking steak.
Yo know who's not getting any bops/beer/steak? Flop. That fucker. 2 errors on one play, Flop? Really? Eat your quiche, you pansy.
Oh, almost forgot to give this out. Enjoy, Kory! Also, if anyone can explain my overusage of the word bitches, I'd be much obliged.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Going for the sweeeeeep

Tis true, shocked kitty! Going for the sweep today behind Capt. Redd. We may need another intervention from Jesus, the pride and joy of Nazareth Caupano, Venezuela. If anyone can do it, it's the savior.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Nationals to Sink the Sea Men

It's amazing what lack of confidence does to you. As I was following yesterday's game on MLB Gameday (Note to Gameday: I HATE your little blue ball that says 'in play, run(s)'. Why the fuck put that up? Just wait until you can list what it was (Single, double, how many RBI, etc) for Flores' sake. Do you know what it's like screaming at the monitor, "YAY! Run(s) scored!!" and having to wonder just how many it may be, as we wait for your slow, laggish ass to actually show how many?) I found myself not expecting anyone to drive in runs. The RBI's were like little gifts from heaven.
So, I follow this series in to Seattle with the acceptance of getting swept. If It works out that way, hey, good for me! If we win one or more, it's like my birthday!
Shawn Hill looks to stop the two game skid going up against R.A. Dickey. Seriously. That's what the M's list him as. There's a joke in there somewhere, but God damn if I can find it. Speaking of God damn, the game starts at 10:10 pm here on the East coast. Zippie chance I can enjoy the game now, as I'll already be eight sheets to the wind at that point. If anyone in the DC area would be up for bailing me out tonight because I got arrested for standing on the bar and ripping the TV from it's wall mount, please leave your contact info in the comments. I promise to pay you back for the bail (maybe) and give you a big hug. Thanks!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is it.

Rock bottom. That's where I think we are. Especially with the latest news about The Franchise (with all due respect to Shane Douglas). That's right folks. Zim is out a minimum of 4-6 weeks, and it could be for the year. I told my cat, Natty, the news last night after the game. His response is documented below.

He was commenting on not only the Zim injury news, but also the pathetic and inconsistent offense. He also wonders why no starter besides Lannan can seem to throw more than 5 innings. Why have the bullpen guys that were so reliable in the past seemed so brutally ineffective? (Natty kitty's looking at you Saul and Luis!) He also can't stand Hanrahan's inability to throw strikes. I dunno, ya know? To pitch in this level don't you kinda, sorta, have to be around the God damn plate!? When Colome is thought of as being one of the better success stories outta the pen, you know your fucked. Props to Rauch, however. He's been all right filling in for Cordero.
Will it get any better? Shit, how long till Guzman goes to the DL? The injuries, offensive ineptitude, and pitching woes are driving me to tie a plastic bag around my head. The only things keeping me from self inflicted death at this point are Flores, Dukes, Milledge, Guzman, and Lannan. Four 23 year olds and a 29 year old that is by far our best player this year. Will he get re-signed? It'll be interesting to see. I'm also peeking into the farm system, and we will get some more looks at younger starting pitching as the season stretches into September.
How can I sum it all up?
Fuck. Me. Let me know when this team can do anything consistently, besides sucking. I still love everyone that puts on the uniform and goes out there to play. I'll still watch every game that I can, and I'll be at the park another 14 times at a minimum. I just can't have any hope of the offense coming from behind, nor the pitching staff keeping the other team from scoring early.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tale of the Tape

I'm aware of the chance that Elijah might not play tonight. I just choose to ignore it. Instead, I wondered how Elijah would measure up against the starting pitcher for tonight, Ian Smell Snail Oquendo Snell, in the off chance the guys has the balls to plunk Elijah.
Ian's shortcomings are well documented, so I won't rehash those. Instead, let's take a look at who might win the battle massacre.

First fighter up is Elijah Dukes.

Height: 6'2'
Weight: 240 lbs.
Born and raised: the ghettos of Tampa Bay, FL.
Chokings: At least 1
Death Threats: At least 1
Arrested for battery: Twice
Positives: Can bench press 350 lbs. Can send picture messages, which takes skill, and a phone not called the iPhone. Calls people "dawg".
Negatives: Seriously? Someone else insult him, thank you very much.

His opponent is Ian Snell.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Born and raised: Dover/Camden, DE.
Run-ins with law enforcement: Was cited for sporting that God awful soul patch/missed shaving spot on his chin.
Choked: Way too many games to count.
Death threats: None to others, but many made to him for his comment about "never be[ing] caught dead living in Pittsburgh."

Positives: Was Delaware athlete of the year for 2006. I'll be honest, I can't think of any.
Negatives: Was Delaware athlete of the year for 2006. Has been seen wrestling with young white girls when he's married. (Actually not sure if is still married, just to be fair.) Also, is not the best in bed, or so I've heard.

So, to steal my friends quote (for the second time)... anyone care to mention odds on Snell leaving in a body bag?

Finally, let's not forget that we have Johnny Lannans throwing for us tonight, and the lineup seems to like Pittsburgh. Here comes step 2 in the three step sweep plan.

Manny vs. Elijah = Sad face =(

Manny Acta and Elijah dukes went face to face in the dugout last night. Clickie here for the video.

Manny said that it's been buried, per the Washington Times (Sorry Chico Harlan, I'd love to pimp your paper, but there ain't a peep uttered about it).
"It was just a little misunderstanding in the dugout that I'm not going to elaborate on," Acta said. "We talked, and everything is fine."

I'm not sure what it was about, exactly. Dukes doubled with two outs in the top of the 9th, Nats down one. Milledge was looking dead fastball, got it, and sent it out to give the Nats a 7-6 lead. When the two kids got to the plate, there was some hand jiving going down. I think Milledge forced the hand slapping, though, as Dukes looked reluctant. Zuckerman at the Times thinks it has to do with Dukes looking at Capps (The P-Rat that can't contain the Nationals in closing situations) as they walk towards the dugout after the hand slapping be done. Indeed, Dukes does seem to look in his direction and tip his helmet by it's visor, but I think I may be over analyzing. This thing is being looked at like it's the fucking Zapruder film.
The video doesn't show the post game fist bopping, but Dukes did put on his best 8 year old impression. He was high fiving all his teammates, but when Acta's turn came he simply dropped his arm. He put it back up for St. Claire, though, so they're still homies and might of grabbed some 40's at a club later that night. I will say this for Dukes...that was fucking little league behavior.
The worst part about this whole thing? It takes away from the 5 HR performance by the Nats. Ronnie BELLY! comes back from the DL (where he went 0-12 on rehab assignments in Single A and Double AA) to hit two, Jesus keeps hitting like Jesus with his homer, Dmitri added one, and then Milledge's go ahead. Pity, cause it was rather exciting.
I'm not sure what's gonna happen tonight. Does Dukes get benched? If he doesn't, does Ian Snail plunk him? Jesus, I hope he doesn't. Dukes would end up in jail, and Snail would end up on a stretcher slab in the morgue.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


One tasty case of this, coming my way:

I'm not feeling to well, so I'll leave the recap, good (BELLY!) and bad (I'm looking at YOU, mi hermano!) for tomorrow. Until then, happy dreams, Nats fans. Good guys win 7-6 with 5 HR.

Is this it? and an injury status update.

OK. There's two approaches I can take to this day. One: This is the bottom of the barrel. The worst it will get, and nowhere but up to go. Two: If you would like to retain your sanity and want of life, bail now, cause it's gonna go nuclear really soon. I mean, like the worst possible scenario realized.

Fuck it, I'm taking number one. Why? A) Broken people are coming back. We're already getting Belliard back for this Pirates series (Note to Flop: have a fucking seat, you sulking head case) and Zim is starting therapy with the hope of being back in a week. Kearns is still 2-3 weeks away, but when he gets back, we can move Dukes to left field and bench Pena. Cordero is heading down to Florida for rehab today. Slick Johnson, however, is still in the cast, and won't be reevaluated till June 16th. Ryan Wagner threw a second simulated game, and no pain to speak of. He could begin rehab real soon. I couldn't give two shits about LoDu and Estrada, so no update on them for you.

B) The starts from Mock and Clippard. Yeah, neither one could finish out the 5th inning, but MLB hitters were getting their 3rd look at them, and figured them out. Plus, Mock couldn't find the strike zone. Regardless, both kids pitched well. I was really impressed with Clippard. He has 3-4 pitches, and if he can start locating his fastball (Jesus Christ, every other fastball was a foot high. I was SCREAMING at him), then he can throw that real nice curve and very good change up he possesses. Mock? I don't really remember all that well (My memory = horrible) but he left the game with the Nats tied.

C) Dukes and Milledge might just turn out to be actual ball players! Milledge is fielding better (not like it could of gotten any worse) and starting to swing the bat well. Dukes is just a man beast with a cannon arm and a viciously hard hitter. I could become a fan of his real easy.

And, finally, D) For the love of God..you're professional ball players, dammit. Act like it.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Not too much to get excited about these days. I was riding high on the Dooksie homer, but the weekend play has pretty much killed my will to live. Four runs in three games will do it to ya.
I wasn't extremely pumped over Mock's performance. I didn't see anything that would indicate to me he's a number 1 or 2 starter. Might be a number 3 in the long run. But, hell, it wasn't horrible for a first ever MLB start.
Quick update going into tonight, as it's Tyler Clippard throwing for his first time with the Nats tonight. I'm really looking forward to seeing his stuff. I'm hoping to see number 3 starter stuff. Shooting too high? Maybe, folks, but fuck it..gotta have something to think positive about.
My boy was telling me that he was looking forward to a write up about the Pirates series that's about to start. Don't think Pie-rats vs. Nats is anything to get excited about. I will get a free case o' Yuengling with one Nats win, though. Come to papa!
I did want to mention the baseball (read: boring) fight that broke out in the Pirates/Diamondbacks game, though. I, for one, believe Randy Johnson should get punched in the face at least daily for making me look at his ugly face. Seriously, a dude that ugly shouldn't be on TV. Ever. Someone make is so.

Friday, June 6, 2008

BOOM, bitches!

Elijah DOOKS would like to conquer your town. You'd better let him.

Check out this line from last night: 4 for 6. 2 singles, a triple, and the game winning, walk off homerun. He was also in SportsCenter's top 10 plays twice, once as number 8 for a great defensive play, and number 1 for the walk off. It might of been was the hardest hit ball by a Nat this year. This kid can fucking RAKE. Chance of me doing the chest slap that DOOKS! did after he hit it (as can be seen in the video here) after I complete a report here at work? 185%

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Offense? Who needs offense?

Well, the Nationals took Mr. Aaron Crow, RHP from the University of Missouri with the #9 pick in today's draft. (Click here for some info about him, plus a bitching picture with him sticking his tongue out while heaving a slider to some dude.) They passed on the switch hitting 1st baseman with lots of power from South Carolina, Justin Smoak. Why? Because we got a shit load off offense already! Just look at this line from today's day game:
7 hits. All singles. That's right, 0 extra base hits. We had 4 BBs though, so that's 11 guys that got on base. A couple stolen bases here and there and we.... what? We had 0 SB? Make that -1, cause Milledge was picked off? Great! Must of been a sloooow infield today. What? The Cardinals had 4? And Brian Barton had 2 by himself? This guy?

Ugh. Well, let's hope tonight's game isn't as big a turd. Although at this point......
Wake me when we put up 2 runs in a game, will ya? Until then, I'll be sleeping in the garage with the car running.

God was sad and some draft stuff

We did not get to attend last nights game, as God was very angry and gave us a thrashing. He then became sad and the heavens opened up with rain. The storms that came through took out power in over 200,000 homes. We didn't get ours back at home until 10:30 last night. It was restored here at work about 30 minutes ago.
Fear not, loyal readers, as God did not smite me last night. One lightning bolt was damn close to killing me, but I zigged when God thought I would zag. I guess God isn't infallible after all. Loser.
So, today turns into a day/night double header. Yay, Nats! Zippie chance we can skip out of work at 11:30 to make it downtown in time for the game, so that kinda sucks. It also means I'll be screaming at my computer again, since I'll be at the mercy of MLB Gameday.

And, just to throw a certain someone a bone, here are some real names to keep an eye on in today's (tomorrow's?) draft for the Nats first pick:
  • Eric Hosmer 1B High School kid from Florida
  • Kyle Skipworth CA High School kid from California
  • Justin Smoak 1B University of South Carolina
And my two personal favorites (oh please, oh please, oh please....)
  • SHOOTER Hunt RHP Tulane University
  • Gordon Beckham SS University of Georgia
You CANNOT go wrong with a pitcher named "Shooter", and we're in bad shape up the middle of the infield. If Beckham falls to number 9, he'll easily be the best player on the board, and he fills a need. Maybe he could progress quickly (he is a college kid) and could be in the show soon? I'm probably dreaming, however, as most mock drafts have him going somewhere between the number 3 pick and the number 8 pick. Enjoy both games. I know I will. Maybe. Hopefully. Ugh, we'll see.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2008 Draft Preview

Here it is folks, the 1st annual Nats Nation Draft preview. (Don't say I don't listen to the comments.) I don't know a whole lot about the talent out there, so I'm only giving my picks for the first two rounds.

My picks also happen to mirror the needs of the organization. That's just a coincidence. In the MLB draft, you should always draft the best player available, never on need. It just happens to be the Nationals lucky year!

Round 1 (#9 overall):

RH - Grabby McGrabberson. Johns Hopkins University

Grabby is a righthander currently in Medical School at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. He's ready to start immediately on Nick Johnson or Austin Kearns. He comes cheaply, as well, since the Biology class at JHU is done dissecting his heart. Cadaver prices are relatively low these days, especially those without torsos.

Round 2 (#51 overall):

LH- Lego McLegerson. Billund, Denmark

Lego is a lefthander currently being assembled at Lego's headquarters in Billund, Denmark, but will be done by the draft. He can start ASAP on Ryan Zimmerman or Paul LoDuca. His price tag is way below slot price, so the Nats should be able to sign him easily. He drops to the second round because of some rumors about him and Amsterdam, but Dmitri Young has pledged to keep him in line. Elijah Dukes is reportedly ECSTATIC about him possibly joining the team

Monday, June 2, 2008

Put another arm on the DL

'Tis true, emo kittie. Surly kittie has an idea for you...

What does it mean? Well, Zim's going on the DL, retroactive to May 26th. As should be the case for a franchise player, he's getting more opinions. Three, to be exact, and that list includes Dr. James Andrews.
Adding insult to injury, Slick was examined and is having the hard cast put back on for two more weeks. Not another peep will be uttered about Slick till at least June 16th.
Excuse me while I punch myself in the face until I'm unconscious.

Really? Yeah, why the hell not..

Ryan Zimmerman, who has missed the Washington Nationals' last seven games, will have an MRI exam Monday on his injured left shoulder.

Did anyone not see this coming? I mean, for reals? When it rains, it fucking hurricanes around here.

Day off today, then the Cardinals are in town for a 3 game set. Tuesday night is T-Shirt Tuesday. Thursday night is Ryan Zimmerman bobble head night. I have tickets to Wednesday's game. Promotion for that night? Get your Green on Night.
Show your support for the environment by wearing green.

Look, I know the planet is important, and I know there's only one Mother Earth. I don't litter, I recycle at home and at work, and I carpool during the week. But how the fuck is me wearing green to Wednesday's game going to help ANYTHING or ANYONE? Color me perplexed on this one, folks. Should I bring a sign that reads "Go Environment"? Chant "We want a planet, not a moon, dammit!"?

In other news, since being sent to Columbus, our beloved #47 has been getting a lot of mound time jack shit for playing time. One start. Yay. He'll surely be able to get out of his funk with all that time to work on his mechanics!