Monday, June 9, 2008


Not too much to get excited about these days. I was riding high on the Dooksie homer, but the weekend play has pretty much killed my will to live. Four runs in three games will do it to ya.
I wasn't extremely pumped over Mock's performance. I didn't see anything that would indicate to me he's a number 1 or 2 starter. Might be a number 3 in the long run. But, hell, it wasn't horrible for a first ever MLB start.
Quick update going into tonight, as it's Tyler Clippard throwing for his first time with the Nats tonight. I'm really looking forward to seeing his stuff. I'm hoping to see number 3 starter stuff. Shooting too high? Maybe, folks, but fuck it..gotta have something to think positive about.
My boy was telling me that he was looking forward to a write up about the Pirates series that's about to start. Don't think Pie-rats vs. Nats is anything to get excited about. I will get a free case o' Yuengling with one Nats win, though. Come to papa!
I did want to mention the baseball (read: boring) fight that broke out in the Pirates/Diamondbacks game, though. I, for one, believe Randy Johnson should get punched in the face at least daily for making me look at his ugly face. Seriously, a dude that ugly shouldn't be on TV. Ever. Someone make is so.

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Puttzy said...

Get out the broom for a Pirates sweep over the Nats. Wow that would disgust you beyond belief. Needing 1 win to win the bet, but getting swept by the pirates would hurt. Hurt so good