Monday, June 2, 2008

Really? Yeah, why the hell not..

Ryan Zimmerman, who has missed the Washington Nationals' last seven games, will have an MRI exam Monday on his injured left shoulder.

Did anyone not see this coming? I mean, for reals? When it rains, it fucking hurricanes around here.

Day off today, then the Cardinals are in town for a 3 game set. Tuesday night is T-Shirt Tuesday. Thursday night is Ryan Zimmerman bobble head night. I have tickets to Wednesday's game. Promotion for that night? Get your Green on Night.
Show your support for the environment by wearing green.

Look, I know the planet is important, and I know there's only one Mother Earth. I don't litter, I recycle at home and at work, and I carpool during the week. But how the fuck is me wearing green to Wednesday's game going to help ANYTHING or ANYONE? Color me perplexed on this one, folks. Should I bring a sign that reads "Go Environment"? Chant "We want a planet, not a moon, dammit!"?

In other news, since being sent to Columbus, our beloved #47 has been getting a lot of mound time jack shit for playing time. One start. Yay. He'll surely be able to get out of his funk with all that time to work on his mechanics!

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Rebecca said...

that's a good one -
We want a planet, not a moon, dammit. I'll try it out on Wednesday.