Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Damn, Manny Acta is deep!

I had no idea we had the Dalai Lama coaching this team. I just want to hug this man!
This is a quote clipped from Chico's Nationals Journal post. I'll (try to) set it up for you. Chico was explaining to Manny how we was writing an article about Acta's managerial style, specifically his patience. It led to a conversation about the dust up in the dugout between Manny and Elijah, and how it was leading off Baseball Tonight and other shows. Manny said he does this behind doors often, but no-one makes a big deal of it then. Chico tries to blame it on more media presence, but Manny doesn't bite. His explanation for the blown out of proportion dugout scene being headline news?
It's the sadness of the world. Sarcasm. Negativity. We live in world where people love to boo instead of cheer. They'd rather say No than Yes. They love to say, You suck, instead of, It's OK you'll get 'em next time. They love violence instead of calm. That's why I'm so worried and feel bad about my daughter's future in this world. It is simple: The Washington Nationals sometime go days without being seen on highlights on TV shows. And that night, because of a little argument in the dugout, we were the leading story. What does that tell you?

Fuck. Manny is muy profundamente.

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Puttzy said...

Wise man. Speaks the truth and when ya think about it, it is very true. And kind of scary and sad