Monday, June 16, 2008

Nationals are on a rampage; Will break you.

First it was Matt Capps, now it's Bill Bavasi. Nationals killed Capps the closer, then murdered the Mariners manager.

In his first 27 games, Matt Capps hadn't blown a save. When the Pirates came to town, the Nationals broke that streak by not only having him blow a save, but by getting the win that night (6/10). He then went on to blow 2 more saves in his next 3 games (6/14 and 6/15)! He's done. Pitt needs to sit him, cause he'll never be the same. He sees Nationals in his sleep.

The Mariners today fired general manager Bill Bavasi. Coincidence that the Nats just went in there and swept the series? Hardly.

Be afraid, MLB players and coaches. Be very afraid.

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Puttzy said...

It is an interesting strategy that Acta has going on there. In time everyone will be crushed and no one will be left to play, or manage.