Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Might want to set your DVRs, folks.

Paul LoDuca is starting in left field tonight.

Holy. Shit.

Get your popcorn, and grab a comfy seat.

(Small note of glee: Flop not starting tonight.)


Hey, lookie there. 1 out in the inning, and 1 error by LoDu!

Whoopsie, error on Meat. Shocker, I know! His range is usually man-tastic.

4-0 Angels, 1 out in the 1st. Anyone still have the game on?

Hey, did you know you don't even have to be involved in a play to get injured? Yup, if you're a member of the Nationals, a mysterious illness will hit you in the middle of someone's at bat while you're playing left field! LoDuca's line: 2 IP 1 E. WMP comes in, and hopefully doesn't get hit by the same gamma rays as Paul.

Jesus, Vlad Guerrero just left the game with "flu like symptoms." It's happened. The Russians North Koreans have exploded a rocket above D.C. releasing poison gasses. AHHHH!

8-0 Angels after 2 1/2 innings. Fuck this, I'm playing some Guitar Hero.

I lied, I'm a sucker for these Nats bastards. WMP just hit a home run that cleared the home bullpen in .79 seconds. 8-1, baby!

Flop just pinch hit for Shawn Hill. Great to see he hasn't lost it as he promptly ground into a double play. Upside? He can no longer appear in this ballgame. Downside? He haunts my every night with his horrors.

Steven Shell in for Hill in the top of the 4th. Did I mention I saw his MLB debut on Sunday? What? I didn't? Hmm...I wonder what I was doing this weekend that I couldn't write up any of the Rangers games? Ask my liver. Please.

I went to Maggie Moos and got me some money Twizzler flavored ice cream. I highly recommend it. What I miss? Apparently Dukes hit himself a tater. Good for him. Kory Casto had a pinch hit RBI single as well. 8-3 bad guys 2 outs bottom of the 5th.

Game over, 8-3. In some breaking news, Shawn Hill is heading to the Mayo Clinic tomorrow, and may make a trip to the DL. Why Not? Shit, let's go for the largest percentage of a roster to ever go on the DL. At least Mock or Clippard will get a good look in his spot.


Rebecca said...

Shawn Hill should just leave, period.

Phishisgr8 said...

I keep hearing people talk about his 2006 form, and how awesome it was.
I feel bad for the guy, cause he's got a gnarly forearm scar from surgery.What I can't figure out is why the hell the Nats medical staff isn't getting people the proper and timely treatment they require. Frustrating.