Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brycey got a bit spicy. And then got a shower.

Ho hum. 19-year-old Bryce Harper hit the game winning single last night in the 12th inning to give the Nats the win over the Mets. Just another pimping moment in Bryce's pimping life. And, as you know, pimping is dirty business, so Mikey Mo was there to clean him off.

(As an aside, welcome back, Mikey. After what seemed like 19 straight ground outs to shortstop, he hit two doubles last night. The Beast abides.) Who didn't get the Gatorade shower, though? Sideline Dugout reporter Kristina Akra. After not being able to run fast enough in the past, she bolted to her left as soon as she saw the Gatorade this time. Unfortunately, though, there wasn't much room to her left, and she ran right into a camera guy. Oopsies.

Before the showering, however, was this wonderful scene. "BROSKI! IS JUMPY TIME!"

Tonight has Edwin Jackson on the bump, up against... well, some Met. Too lazy to look at the moment. It's Jackson's... wait, what start number is this for Jackson? Not to knock Edwin, but he sure has become the forgotten guy in this rotation, yeah? I mean, I'm struggling to remember even one of his starts. Maybe that's why this guy has been on seven teams in ten years. He produces, but just doesn't produce any memorable games. Except for that no hitter that he threw in Tampa Bay Detroit Arizona. Of course, that was just a matter of wearing down the other team. Just throw 200 pitches, and they'll get sick of looking at balls and start swinging at anything. Let's do one of those tonight, Edwin!