Monday, June 30, 2008

Walk-offs becoming too common?

Nah. I could live with those every day. Here's a good shot of Belliard jumping torpedo style into the mob at the plate. Clickie here, and click on the video at the bottom for the Belly goodness.

Looks to me like a stage dive about to go wrong, but he's still cool. Did anyone catch the Debbi Taylor interview right after the game? Dude was born in New York, NY, but has a thicker accent than Fidel Castro.
I can't wait to trade Flop so Belly can go back to playing short right field and he can bat everyday. He's the best 8 hitter I've seen in a while. Of course, we need Zim back for that to happen. Wanna get your hopes up?
As for Zimmerman, good news on that front. Looks like he'll begin to swing a bat next week. The team is encouraged by his progress, and is counting on his return this season. (Which means surgery is looking unlikely.)

Yeah, sure. I've already counted him out for the year. I swear we'll have the complete AA Harrisburg roster up here once Goozie, Boone, Jesus, W Harris, and Wil go on the DL. (Seriously, that's all the position players that have yet to go on the DL, right? Besides the late late call ups like Orr and Casto. And hoping Flop gets traded.)

Oh, yeah..there's that whole matter of Roger Bernadina starting in CF yesterday. Turns out Blastings did something to his groin (No sarcastic remarks from the peanut gallery, dammit.) while tracking down a fly ball on Saturday. He'll be out 2-4 weeks (read: at least 4 weeks). Bernadina takes his place on the active roster, while the Thrilledge ices his man region.

Also getting a call up? Collin, mother f'ing Balester. That's right, the number three prospect in the Nats system will get a good look at the bigs. I hear he'll be up for a while, as they didn't want to disrupt him with a quick trip up and back. The kid's 22 years old and a 6'5" 190 lb right hander. I know nothing else. The Doctor will hopefully leave some nuggets of goodness in the comments. I wonder whose getting dropped from the 25 man, though. It looks to me like someone from the bullpen has gotta go, but we'll see. Balester throws tomorrow night, btw.

Our heroes are back down in Florida, taking on the fish again. On the bump tonight is Capt. Redd vs. Ryan Tucker (WHO?). Tucker is a rookie (Know your roll, ROOK!) who has gone 2-2 with a 6.75 ERA and a 1.80 WHIP. He also likes Barry Manilow, wears pink polo shirts with his collar up, and hates the U.S.A. Jon Rauch might kill him.

One last point, I promise. After the Nats game I switched it to Baseball Tonight to catch up on all the other action that happened around the league. I saw highlights for every single game except the Texas/Philly contest (which started at 5, and did have an 'in game' update) the Cubs/Sox game (The Cubs and Sox did get a good 10 minute preview, however, since ESPN was showing it at 8.), and ......wait for it...... The Washington Nationals/Crackmore Blowrioles.
Again, note to ESPN: Fuck. You. You showed me 15 minutes of REO fucking Speedwagon and other wonderful acts including Punch Brothers (who?), The Cab (who?), and Lloyd (who are these people???) playing 'Take me out to the ballgame' but had the balls to not show a 12th inning walk-off? Karl Ravech, you may be dead to me


The Doctor said...

Do you have any of the games the week of July 7th?

Phishisgr8 said...

Affirmative. 7/9 vs AZD and 7/11 vs HOU.

The Doctor said...

Holla atcha boi! Brakin' some Nats Park cherry in hurrrrr, nahmsayin'?