Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jayson Werth explores his new home

The Nats PR department's Twitter account put out a wonderful shot of Nats Park with a dusting of snow on the ground today. It really is quite beautiful, as you can see.

The Nats PR department also mentioned that Jayson Werth would be cruising around the stadium today, getting used to the place he'll be spending 81 games in this upcoming year.

Wait a minute... What's that thing in right field? Is that... Is that Jayson??


Yes, yes it is Jayson. Hey, Jayson... you might want to Febreze® around there while you're at it. You certainly don't want the shitty stink of Cristian Guzman and Willy Tavares hanging around. (I must have completely erased those two playing that position completely from my mind, cause it took baseball-reference to remind me. God bless my brain. It was only trying to protect me.)

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Roberto said...

Christian Guzman played Right Field for the Nationals? The only thing he played for the Rangers was the position of poop on a log while wasting a roster space during our race for the post season. Also, I miss the snow and the seasons.