Monday, April 23, 2012

Ian Desmond will steal your opponent's soul, then your batting helmet.

You know, I always find myself watching every Nats game. I don't think it's healthy, really, but it keeps me from walking alleyways and punching strangers in the head and face, so there's that. Anyway, if I'm not at the game in person then I'm watching it on TV. Whether it's at home, at a bar, or at work, it's on. I find myself watching much more than just the action that takes place when the ball is in play, too. For instance, remember when I made that movie about Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham's home run celebration? (You don't? Can't say I blame you...)
Well, I picked up on something at some point during this season, and it's the fact that Ian Desmond likes to pluck the batting helmet from the head of a Nat that just hit a home run. I can't remember when I first noticed it, though, so I went back through all of the ten home runs hit by the Nats this season. The first home run came on 4/7/12, and it was hit by Adam LaRoche. Persusing the video evidence, we can see that someone does, in fact, remove his lid for him. We just cannot see who: 

Yes, Desi is behind him, but we can't see clear proof that he took it from his head. In fact, Desi's then seen high-fiving some dude I've never seen before a split second after LaRoche's head is exposed. Now, without further ado, let's explore the other nine home runs the Nats have hit after the jump, shall we? 

Okay, I lied. Or, more like misspoke. You see, there aren't dugout reception shots from all of the ten Nats home runs. That, and the fact that Desi himself has two of the remaining nine home runs leaves only seven more to look at.

4/8/12  -  Danny Espinosa HR. No dugout reception video on the replay up at mlb.com.
4/10/12 - Adam Laroche HR. Again, no look on the replay.
4/10/12 - Ian Desmond HR. He took off his own helmet.
4/13/12 - Xavier Nady HR. Desi was on deck, so he couldn't take off Xavier's helmet.
4/16/12 - Wilson Ramos HR. Ramos takes his own helmet off upon approaching the dugout.
4/19/12 - Ryan Zimmerman HR. A HA! VIDEO EVIDENCE:

Yup, Desi scoops the bucket from Zimmy's noggin.

4/20/12 - Rick Ankiel HR. Video Evidence: 

Desi is, indeed, the head undresser.

4/21/12 - Jayson Werth HR. Video evidence:

There's Ian exposing Jayson's cantaloupe.

Most recent HR - 4/21/12 - Desi himself. And no one defrocked his melon.

What can we gain from this footage? We can gain an appreciation for me looking at stupid things, and then spending hours documenting them. And we can also gain an appreciation for how much fun this squad (and Ian in particular) is having. Watching ball is awesome this year. Unless you're Ian Desmond. He doesn't know what watching ball looks like. You see, he's swung at the first pitch he's seen in 44% of his at-bats.*

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*That's the hands-down winner for worst forced pun of 2012 by anyone, anywhere. I'll accept my reward at anytime.


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And he did it again last night! http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=21434903&c_id=was&partnerId=aw-7528070181521787173-1047

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Been going on a lot longer than that. Check out the homers from last season. Morse got defrocked frequently by Desmond.....

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Zapruder, wherever he is, is giving you a golf clap.