Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My season ticket debate.

Yes, I know... I could write about more important things, like the Teixera rumors or the Manny rumors. (Manny? Seriously? I think Buster's been in Ladson's stash!) But I won't. I'm here to bitch and moan about my season ticket plan. Let the whining begin!

Last year's choice of seats was driven by two things, price, and location to the players. I'm dirt poor, but I wanted some interaction. I found a 20 game plan for the Mrs. and I in Section 138, second row. I was....how to put this nicely..... fucking pissed on my first visit to my section. That beautiful new scoreboard? Couldn't tell you what it looks like. Those fly balls that are hit to the outfield? Can't track a single one. Balls and strikes? I'll take Blue's word for it. I was really, really upset. Then, I realized something. The bullpen was right in front of me. If I can't see most of the game, I might as well enjoy the part of the game that others can't see. Thus began my initial relationship with Mi Hermano (Luis Ayala), and Saul Rivera (Nickname not revealed yet. I will take bids on it, however. Pony up, you cheap bastards.) Colome warmed up a little as the season went on, and Wil Nieves was friggin spectacular to talk with, on the off chance he was warming someone up there. New faces, new dudes. Steven Shell, Marco Estrada, and Jason Bergmann were all nice to me and the wife. Finally, after 3/4's of the season, I got Joel Hanrahan to break down. We ended up betting on things OTHER than baseball (as he's not allowed, he informed me.) I always lost those bets, for some reason, but he never took my money, even though I offered. He even remembered me on the season ticket holder picnic, and had a nice word for me.
It was a little different aspect to a baseball game, and I was looking forward to seeing them in 2009. Then, they dropped the prices in my section for the upcoming year. I was even more happy. But, why can't I move up one row? There were only four seats in the entire row sold to season ticket holders. Everyone else were walk-ups, or single games. Shit, I thought, how can they refuse to move me up one row? It's like..free money, right?
Nope. Any row that is considered the "first" row of a section is reserved for full season ticket holders only. They will not sell to any 41 or 20 game holders. I informed my rep of how no-one was buying tickets for that row. I know, cause I was there for 20 games. I'll buy two seats for 20 games today. No dice. They wouldn't budge.
I got an email form my rep saying all kinds of pleasant things and how he was looking forward to helping me out with any seat requests I had. But, here's the thing...no he wasn't. I just talked to him four days earlier and he wouldn't do it. Now, he's looking forward to it? I know, I know, it was a form letter, but..still...I'm miffed.
I wrote him back and told him I'll just wait for individual games to go on sale, then I'll buy two seats for 15 games, and the money will even out. I'll get to catch up with my boys, bet on the Presidents race, discuss war dances, see the new kids get slapped on the head, and get candy from the magical pink backpack. I doubt he'll write me back, and I know he really isn't concerned about two 20 game plans, but.. I dunno..I wanted a little give. Haven't got it yet. I'll let you know if I do. Okay, rant over. Thanks for bending your ear my ways. 'Preciate it.

P.S. Hey, Seattle.. stellar signing! Your percentage of runners gunned out at home will double all throughout your Minor Leagues. Enjoy that.


Steven said...

I know it's not really politically correct to point this out, but you sound quite unhappy, so... you really can just sit wherever you want. Other than the presidents seats, the ushers don't check and there are more than enough empty seats available. I mean, if it's bothering you that much....

Carl said...

Yeah, I think the Nats' front office is still in a certain amount of denial when it comes to demand for season tickets. It's going to take a total drop-off (which will probably happen) before they'll relax the rules on things like your front-row issue.