Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Damn you Pandora!!

Another rant, this time directed towards Pandora. Pandora, I love you, I really do. When I need to get work done, I close my office door, throw on my headphones, and open you up in a new tab. Right now I'm in a Dispatch and State Radio mood, so I'm pretty happy when Passerby pops up. Cool song..features the vocal stylings of both Chad and Braddigan, with general Dispatch goodness..

Not the greatest video, but you'd be surprised how few Dispatch videos are on YouTube. Chad is just starting his afro at this time, an turns it into dreads later.

So, I'm all done with Passerby, and I'm getting my work done when THIS SHIT COMES ON.

Pandora... What. The. Fuck? I have no clue who these folks are, but I know I want them out of my fucking head. Once Dokken (the wonderful people above) pops on, it's all downhill from there. I get Ratt and Cinderella and some other shit. (Which, btw, is just shit to me. I understand, some of you folks might dig this stuff. Me, though? Nope, not so much. That's what the fuck Pandora is all about, though. They play music that is similar in style. You get introduced to some new bands, and new songs, but they are supposed to share themes with the song or band you started your station with. Someone...anyone, tell me what theme Dispatch shares with Dokken? Big hair? Maybe. Got it...they both use guitars and drums. It's starting to make sense to me now.) The only way to get the stuff I enjoy back is to change to another station. Fuck sticks.

Umm...btw..Nats, what are we waiting for? I see Dunn is still out there, homies. Let's pry open the wallet, and give the man his $12 or $13 MM/year. (He's asking for four years at $14MM per. I'm not going to say he's not worth that, because I think he is..Just not in this market.) I re upped my two 20 game plans, boys, so let's put my money to use. Gah.

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Rebecca said...

kind of like when I go to a ceratin blog to read about baseball and find it is about music.