Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Keith Law ranks Nationals Farm System in bottom three of all MLB clubs.

First, I'm a poor man, so I don't have an insider subscription to Keith Law like some hoity-toity folks out there, so I can't rip his rankings to shreds.
Second, I don't have enough knowledge or a large enough vocabulary to rip his rankings to shreds.
What I do have, folks, is Brian over at Nationals Farm Authority to do it for me. I hope.

Brian? Brian??

Well, crap. Until he pipes up, let me do it.

Hey, Keith... Your head is skinny and super tall. And someone told me your mom strongly disagrees with your assessment. Also, I hear you hate hate hate hate Jim Bowden. Don't let relationships get in the way of reporting, dude. Bottom three? Really? They were ranked 9th by Baseball America last year, and 21st this year. Take into account graduations (Lannan and Balester) and a few people getting hurt/regressing (I'm looking at YOU Marrero, Maxwell, Smoker, Willems, Detwiler), along with Blaaron Schmoe not signing, and I'm ready for a drop. But to be ranked either 28th, 29th, or 30th?

//Channels inner Stu Scott

Straight hating, dog. Boo-Yah! Can a brother get an Amen? How bout a glass eye, then?

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