Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to you, DeNo.

Jeez. I was so busy trying to save my marriage lavishing gifts and praise on my wife this past Monday, that I totally missed one of my best buddies*' birthday. Happy 22nd, Derek Norris!! Love you!! xoxo!
On 2/14/89, the planet was blessed with DeNo's presence. Since then, he's been dominating both baseball fields and awesome meters like no other. Keep on keeping on, homey!
This is the part of my post were I'd usually write some more crappy crap, but I happen to be busy trying to, just... well... survive. Since every second of my time is now devoted to my day job and my 8-month-old, you'll just have to make do reading the archives. Here's three posts about Derek I wrote way back when. Hey, if you haven't read them, they're new to you! And, if you have read them, read them again you ungrateful bastard!

Here's one, here's another, here's yet another still.

*Well, he's really just my imaginary best buddy, but I'd like to become his real life best buddy! So, on the slim chance you read this, DeNo (can I call you DeNo?)...

OMG, CONTACT ME!!1!! My email is totally on the top right of the page!! Maybe you can Tweet me?!? We could be best Twitter buds!!!! ZOMG! TWEET, TWEET, DUDERINO!!

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