Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mr. Ivan Rodriguez does the impossible.

In case you missed it this weekend, Ivan Rodriguez received awesome news on Saturday. I think it's kind of odd that they decided to deliver the news to him via an ear piece in the middle of a play during the 9th inning, but they delivered the news, none-the-less.

Judging from his reaction, the only logical explanation has to be that he was just given the news that his science experiments that he has been working on in his spare time resulted in him CURING CANCER, right?!

Wait... what? He just tagged a guy out in a play at the plate? He wasn't actually receiving congratulations from Barack Obama on his wining the election for the President of Puerto Rico?

Geez... Imagine his reaction if something that awesome did happen.

(The play at the plate can be seen here. Seriously, though, it made me smile when Pudge did that. Dude got all kid like. I half expected him to scream, "Have a seat, lunch meat!" at the runner, then run into the dugout squealing, then falling down and having a huge giggle fit, which would lead to him peeing his pants.

What? You guys didn't pee your pants when you got real happy?
Well... this is awkward...)

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sweetpearacer said...

Every time Pudge tags someone's sorry ass out at the plate, or picks them off second, or hits a bomb off some doofy and unsuspecting pitcher, a random planet explodes from the sheer force of his awesomeness.

Also, I hereby declare that move the Pudge Dance. The Pudge Dance will be performed every time something good happens to the Nationals (so about once a week).