Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bowden out, LaCava in?

With all the bad news surfacing lately, specifically the Frowney news combined with the skimming investigation, Jim Bowden's seat has been a little warm lately. Whatever my feelings for the man, and the job he's done may be, I can't say this wouldn't be a welcome change.
According to more than one source, the decision may have already been made. Jimbo is out as Nats GM, and Tony Lacava (current Asst. GM in Toronto) is in. The only thing that has kept it from being made official is the whole making it official thingie. (Which, let's face it, is pretty damn important.)
So, until there's more concrete proof available that it is happening, I'll leave you with the only thing I'm good at decent at capable of. A picture of one of my cats. Murdering Jim Bowden. Enjoy.

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Rebecca said...

Your cat has anger issues. There have been 2 spring training games. Can we get your insight?