Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MLB's merchandise shop shuns the Nationals.

So, I'm kinda bummed out over the whole "Smiley" debacle (It turns out Smiley isn't his real name. It's actually Julio Franco.), when I come across an email from MLB.com.
St. Patrick's Day gear & Free Domestic Ground Shipping!
"Shit damn", I says, "Different, new Nats gear. And it'll be green." My mom was born in Dublin*, so I was also gonna look into buying her a Christmas present in February. (Who am I kidding...not "a" present. Her only present. I love you, Ma!) Plus, free domestic ground shipping!

So, I click the link, and all I see is Red Sox, Yankees, Cubs and Mets stuff...the fucks the Nats stuff? Then..I look harder at the page. (Might need to click to enlarge.)

I hate you, Bud Selig. You go to hell. You go to hell and you die!

*One Christmas I went home and the place was all decorated with "Irish Christmas" thingies, like...green snowflakes, and snow covered shamrocks. The pride and joy to my mom, however, was the two foot tall "Santa Claus" statue. Only it didn't look like Santa. He was dressed in mostly white and green, and had shamrocks all over him. I asked my mom what the thing was, and my mom said, "Oh, that's an Irish Santa."My brother peeps up with, "So, what's that mean? Irish Santa? What...he's drunk?"

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Puttzy said...

Ahh the Chico man. He learned early on didn't he!!