Monday, August 17, 2009

So... just how much will it take to sign Strasburg?

Well, the rumors are out there that the Nats have made an official offer to Stephen Strasburg. The article says
[The Nats] proposed deal is worth more than Mark Prior's $10.5-million contract in 2001 and has been on the table for some time.
It also states that it is more than twice the worth of last year's #1 overall pick, who signed for $6MM. It appears to be in the ballpark of $12-15 MM according to most folks (who I'm too lazy to list).

Harlan also follows that post up with another, this time stating
The record-setting deal that the Washington Nationals have offered to No. 1 draft pick Stephen Strasburg will have to grow if Strasburg is to sign, said a source who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of negotiations.
We all know that I'm not really into posting serious stuff, so let's just cut to the chase...

How much fucking money does a College kid with no professional experience really deserve? Hell, how much could he fucking need!?

Imagine, if you will, that the bald headed fellow below is me (which ain't a stretch). I've racked my brain to come up with another scenario that I could use to explain what Strasburg is doing, but this is the only thing I can equate the rumor of Strasburg turning down ~$15MM to


Seriously, dude. You're pissing some people off. (And by some people I mean everyone but the other non-signed first round guys and Scott Boras.)

So, let's hope that the billionaire agrees to pay the millionaire what he wants. Or, we can pray that they die simultaneously of greedy disease. I don't think that's gonna happen, though, cause if there was such thing as greedy disease the Hamburgler would've died a long time ago.

(Original (and soooo much better done) gif stolen from here. I replaced Fedor with Strasburg. The thrower I left as Dana White cause I'm bald like him. And I'm the laziest dude on the planet.)


Puttzy said...

I think he's just holding out to be a Pirate next year!

Joseph Alexander said...

I used to be of a mind that the blame would be pretty squarly with the FO and ownership if SS didn't sign, but considering a) the amount of money they've offered b) the Prior precedent (in all ways that can be interpreted) and c) the current economy...

I'd say I've completely changed my philosophy on the matter, and will curse SS and Boras's greedy little hearts if he doesn't sign. Possibly even if he does sign at this point...I just can't believe he's still holding out for more money.

Meanwhile we've got the other awesome example of Storen...way to go Stockings! I mean, El Drew K!