Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Bullpen sucked so hard it's now a black hole.

Shit, I ain't no scientist, but black holes do have something to do with sucking, right? And so do the Nat's bullpen I. That's right... I am to blame for the bullpen's Lindsay Lohan like meltdown last night. (Like that 2007 Lohan reference there? Sweet, wasn't it? Stick around, and I'll ask why they call Ovaltine Ovaltine. (Hint - the question has something to do with Ovaltine not actually being shaped like an oval.)) I was floating around in the clouds, forgetting that these Nats are still the Nats. And that this bullpen still has Brian Bruney in it. And that despite Goggle's 6-0 record, he had 4 blown saves, and could have easily been 2-4. In fact, I was riding so high that I actually changed my work computer's desk top. That's right. I jinxed the fuck outta the pen by changing from this:

To this:

So, bring on the flames. I deserve it. (But I'm still buying one of these wicked cool t-shirts! Are you?)

(Is "Wicked Cool" out of style? You know... like on par with.. "Totally Rad"? Cause I don't give a fuck. I'mma keep saying it. Why, it's all the rage back in St. Olaf...)


o's fan said...

I got $10 bucks says Strasburg never makes it out of AAA this year, what say you?

Section 138 said...

You are the craziest human on the planet Earth. The Lerners are cheap... which is why they would never... EVER... miss out on the money making machine that this kid is.
I'm tempted to say "$10 he's up before June 1st", but my hunch is that he'll not appear until the June 5th series.
Either way, the kid's here this year.

(Edited because I forgot to close the parenthesis, and that kind of shit drives my brain insane.)

Section 138 said...

That should have read "forgot to close the quotation marks". Jesus, I can't even edit a comment right.

o's fan said...

I respectfully disagree, the kid's barely got one pitch...he'll be figured out pretty soon. We're talking Ben McDonald 2.0!

You want to talk phenomenal pitchers,JUAN BERENGUER!!! How that guy isn't HOF is a goddamn travesty! The Lerners should see if he's got anything left in the gas tank. The Panamanian population would come in droves to see that guy throw K's again...WORD IS BOND!